Paul Langer – The Black Book of Trading

  • Have you lost money trading the Markets?
  • Or are you consistently winning and making a regular income with your trading?
  • Are you watching the markets without enough confidence to enter trades?
  • Are you spending money in third-part systems that don’t seem to yield you any results? 
  • Are you wasting your money trading without enough knowledge? 
  • Do you want to understand the systems and tactics advanced and professional traders use to build their accounts? 

This book Includes a link to more than 80 minutes of video content, where I will walk you through and help you easily get started with your Winning Trading Strategy 

"Two words.... Brilliant book! And don't be deceived by the size and low price of this book, the content is fantastic!" 
Mr. Trader, Amazon Customer 

"Many expensive books I have read spent hundreds of words to arrive to their point and sometimes ends up with nothing. This book went straight to the meat! Well worth my time. Highly recommended." 
Eugenjr, Amazon Customer.

If you aren’t achieving the results you want from Trading this book will help you get there faster and easier. 

If you only knew that by tweaking and fixing certain aspects of your trading you could literally start making money right away. 

The knowledge and information contained in The Black Book Of Trading was learned by me after several years of losing, trying and testing. Spending thousands in systems, courses and coaches to get to where I am now. 

You could easily learn the core of what I know by reading this book. And literally change your trading forever since the concepts are simple and easy to follow. 

What actionable and realistic tactics will you learn by reading this book? 

• How to stop struggling with the markets 
• How to STOP losing money! 
• Gain enough confidence to trade, knowing that you have the right knowledge and the numbers are in your favor 
• Adapt any of my THREE proven, powerful yet simple forex trading strategies to your own needs (day trade, swing trade or position trade) 
• Start earning money CONSISTENTLY 
• Become a profitable trader in four months or less 
• Fund your financial freedom and the lifestyle you want with your trading 

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