Oz Shy – How to Price

A Guide to Pricing and Yield Management.

Over the past four decades, business and academic economists, operations researchers, marketing scientists, and consulting firms have increased their interest and research on pricing and revenue management. This book attempts to introduce the reader to a wide variety of their research results on pricing techniques in a unified, systematic way and at varying levels of difficulty.


“This book provides an extremely valuable introduction to ‘the art of pricing’. The strength of the book lies in its judicious choice of the topics to be covered and accessibility to a wide range of audiences from advanced undergraduates to practitioners who may have limited technical knowledge.

“Oz Shy has yet again succeeded in providing an innovative and lucid exposition of a longstanding issue: how to price. The outcome is a cleverly presented toolkit for understanding yield management and pricing strategies.

“A valuable book for both students and practitioners — it will be a key reference for anyone working in the field. The author is an expert who himself has made important contributions to industrial organization.” – Paul Klemperer, Oxford University.

“How to Price is a coherent and straight-to-point introduction to the state of the art of strategic pricing. This book is especially suitable for master’s level students in economics as well as managers responsible for pricing decisions. At the targeted level the book is the first in its kind.” – Staffan Ringbom, Swedish School of Economics and Administration, Helsinki, and HECER.

“Oz Shy’s book offers an up-to-date, economically sophisticated, and highly practical guide to pricing. Better pricing leads to better profits.” – Hal Varian, of California, Berkeley.

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