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Miroslav N. Jovanovic – The of Integration

Thoroughly revised and updated, the second edition of this highly acclaimed textbook will be required reading for graduate and undergraduate students on a wide range of courses including economics, economic policy, integration, studies, and international relations. Exploring the at an important turning point and during uncertain and turbulent times, the text will also prove an invaluable reference tool for academics and policymakers concerned with any facet of integration.

  • Comprehensive and accessible, this far-reaching text:
  • provides an in-depth, state-of-the-art analysis of the origins, achievements, and prospects of principal economic policies
  • covers all member countries as well as candidate countries
  • sets scenarios for future policy and organizational evolution
  • prescribes possible paths and directions for the EU, not only for economic policies but also for organizational structure;
  • features supplementary data via a companion website.

Topics explored in detail include budget, competition policy, Common Agricultural Policy, fiscal integration, monetary integration, industrial policy in manufacturing and services, trade policy and international economic cooperation, regional policy, social policy, mobility of labor, energy policy, transport policy, environmental policy, and enlargement.

Contents: Preface and Introduction 

  1. Origin, Evolution, and Prospects for the Union 
  2. Budget of the Union 
  3. Competition Policy 
  4. Common Agricultural Policy 
  5. Fiscal Integration 
  6. European Monetary Integration 
  7. Industrial Policy in Manufacturing and Services 
  8. Trade Policy and International Economic Cooperation 
  9. Regional Policy 
  10. Social Policy 
  11. Mobility of Labour 
  12. Energy Policy 
  13. Transport Policy 
  14. Environment Policy 
  15. Enlargement 
  16. Conclusions Bibliography Index


Acclaim for the first edition: The book is essential for students in studies, international economics, and business or international relations at both graduate and postgraduate levels. Ricardo Pinheiro-Alves, The Times Higher Education Supplement.


Miroslav N. Jovanović, Dušan Sidjanski Centre of Excellence in Studies, Global Studies Institute, of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland.

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