Mike Rosser – Basic for Economists

Basic for Economists, now in its 3rd edition, is a classic of its genre and this new edition builds on the success of previous editions. Suitable for students who may only have a basic mathematics background, as well as students who may have followed more advanced mathematics courses but who still want a clear explanation of fundamental concepts, this book covers all the basic tenets required for an understanding of mathematics and how it is applied in economics, finance, and business.

Starting with revisions of the essentials of arithmetic and algebra, students are then taken through to more advanced topics in calculus, comparative statics, dynamic analysis, and matrix algebra, with all topics explained in the context of relevant applications.

New features in this third edition reflect the increased emphasis on finance in many economics and related degree courses, with a fuller analysis of topics such as:

  • savings and pension schemes, including drawdown pensions
  • asset valuation techniques for bond and share prices
  • the application of integration to concepts in economics and finance
  • input-output analysis, using spreadsheets to do matrix algebra calculations

In developing new topics the book never loses sight of their applied context and examples are always used to help explain the analysis. This book is the most logical, user-friendly book on the market and is usable for mathematics of economics, finance, and business courses in all countries.

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