Martin J. Pring – Analysis Explained (2nd Ed.)

A standard work in the field

Technical Analysis Explained is now in its third edition and seventh language. Since the first edition came out in 1980, I’m told it’s grown to be one of the standard works in the field. Forbes Magazine described it as “Widely regarded as the standard work for this generation of chartists.” It’s used as one of the two recommended textbooks for the Technician’s Association (MTA) Certified Technician course, as well as being recommended by other technical societies around the world. The of Richmond and Golden Gate have used Analysis Explained as a course textbook and listed it on their recommended reading list for finance students.

This comprehensive 520-page book is suitable for beginner and intermediate technicians alike. The contents are as follows:

Part I Trend Determining Techniques 

  • 1. Cycle Model 
  • 2. Markets and the Cycle 
  • 3. Dow theory 
  • 4. Parameters for Intermediate-Term Trends 
  • 5. Price patterns 
  • 6. Flags, Pennants, Wedges, and Gaps 
  • 7. Trendlines 
  • 8. Moving Averages 
  • 9. Momentum I 
  • 10. Momentum II 
  • 11. Point and Figure Charting 
  • 12. Miscellaneous Techniques 
  • 13. Putting the Techniques Together

Part II Structure 

  • 1. Price: The major Averages 
  • 2. Price: Group rotation 
  • 3. Time: Longer-Term Cycles 
  • 4. Time: Cycle Identification 
  • 5. Volume 
  • 6. Breadth


Martin J. Pring is the chairman of Pring Turner Capital groups as well as the strategist for the Pring Turner Cycle ETF (symbol DBIZ). He is the founder of, which provides research for financial institutions and individual around the world. The site also features a 15+ hour interactive online video training course on technical analysis. Since 1984, he has published the Review, a monthly market review offering a long-term synopsis of the world's major financial markets, and, in 2013, he joined Golden Gate as an adjunct professor teaching a virtual graduate-level course on technical analysis.

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