Every human being on this planet must deal, in one way or another, with unexpected events that disrupt their lifestyle. Unfortunately, most of us come to learn this fact after our lives have been disrupted many times! From the guy that doesn’t own one worldly  possession to the most wealthy of individuals, the possibility of loss always exists. The health and life of people is the most basic asset, an asset which millions of people across the world try to protect. Either by trying to stay healthy and out of harms way through  being fit, working out and eating healthy or by having health or life insurance in the event that something does happen. It is built into our DNA that we must constantly weigh the risks and consequences of what we do with the possible rewards and outcomes. The insurance industry is an empire that deals exclusively with these risks...


Options developed as a means to help manage certain types of risk, not as a vehicle for speculation. They were originally created by merchants that wanted to ensure there would be a market for their goods at a specific time and price. One such merchant was the ancient Greek philosopher Thales. As a student of astrology and general  businessman, Thales predicted a great olive harvest in the spring while it was still winter...

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