Mark Shipman - Big Money Little Efford

From the best-selling author of the Next Big Investment Boom, this book provides everything you need to know about making the world's money markets work to your advantage, enabling you to turn basic investments into a winning portfolio.

Big Money, Little Effort shows you how a straightforward, manageable and stress-free investment system, if properly applied and monitored, can protect you from the volatility of the world's stock markets while ensuring consistent returns on your original investment. In an industry awash with different (and often very vocal) opinions, the author removes the mystique that often surrounds stock market investment and explains his own tried-and-tested system for managing your investments - a system that can be operated and maintained in a short amount of time, once a week.

The book includes a glossary of financial terms and a list of further reading resources. Whether your investment is large or small, Big Money, Little Effort is the essential guide if you want to make positive returns from the stock market.

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