Bear-Proof Investing gives you the tools and strategies you need to protect your investments and position yourself to take full advantage of an emerging bull market.

First to market with a book on solid investment strategies aimed at protecting current investments in a slow-growth economy and falling stock market.

Author is an investment expert and skilled writer. He specializes in clear strategies for beginning and intermediate investors.

In 2000, estimates ranged from 8-14% of households were using online investment services. The more than 9 million households (8%) made up 15% of all households with investments.

For years, it was hard not to make money in the stock market—then suddenly, investors began asking “Now what do I do?” With high-tech stocks fizzling and utilities and blue chips falling to embarrassing lows, investors watched retirement dreams change as accounts reversed double-digit growth rates. The choices facing investors are no longer clear cut. Convert everything to cash? Mutual funds? Value stocks? Real estate? Bonds? Add the voices of the daily business news which sound like the end of the world is near and it’s no wonder investors are confused. Your goal in a bear market is to hold your own and position yourself to take advantage of an emerging bull market.

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