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Trading Spreads and Seasonals is a powerful, profit-enhancing trading course based on Joe Ross’ years of personal trading experience and remarkable trading success.

These days, it seems most traders are focused on outright futures or options trading strategies. You hardly ever hear of anyone who trades spreads or seasonal spreads, or outright seasonal futures – especially at the same time! That’s because very few futures traders truly understand seasonality. This is why far too many never earn all they can from trading. Worse than that, they end up losing money.

Fortunately, Spreads and Seasonals changes all that. It stacks the odds of winning in your favor. How? By giving you a complete explanation of how to crack the markets using a novel approach that combines explosive profit potential of futures with seasonally measured risk. Plus you learn to protect yourself from the vagaries of market price action that serve to turn winning trades into losers.

You’ll find out just what to look for before you enter a trade, such as how to spot trends that will affect you positively where it counts, your trading account. You will not only learn how to hedge your risk, but how to use it to explode your profits in a steady pattern of equity growth! You’ll see which markets to avoid and which trades to avoid. You’ll know when to get in and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, when to get out. Spreads and Seasonals do it simply, without all the technical mumo-jumbo and mathematical formulas of other approaches.

About the Author

Joe Ross, a trader, author, and educator has been an active trader since 1957, when he began his trading career in the commodity futures market. In 1982, when it became possible to day trade the S&P 500 stock index futures via live data feed, he successfully made the transition from full-time position trader to full-time daytrader. Since 1988, Joe has written seven major texts on futures trading. All have become classics.

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