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The greatest stock market story of all time

How an accountant, a pianist, a blackjack player, a game designer and 19 other amateurs became stock market millionaires - with only 14 days training.

Wouldn’t it be nice to NEVER have to worry about money again?

The greatest stock market story of all time

How an accountant, a pianist, a blackjack player, a game designer and 19 other amateurs became stock market millionaires - with only 14 days training

Dear Reader

No doubt you’ve seen the movies The Wolf of Wall Street and Money Never Sleeps… Well those images of super-smart, high-flying traders, who appear to have a killer instinct for picking the best shares or commodities, are complete hocus pocus.

What I’m about to tell you will blow the lid on their “talent”….

You see, the truth is, you don’t need stock market experience or extraordinary skills to be a successful trader.

It’s been proven.

Let me tell you...

One of the greatest trading stories of all time

This is the true story of how a group of men and women – most without any Wall Street experience – were trained to become millionaire traders. In 14 days.

With only two weeks of training – and zero previous Wall Street experience – they were challenged to make money almost immediately – with millions at stake.

Their teacher was legendary trader Richard Dennis. By the early 1980s, Dennis was widely recognised in the trading world as an overwhelming success. By the time he was 37, he'd made hundreds of millions of dollars out of an initial stake of $400. He’d done it in less than 15 years, with no formal training or guidance from anyone.

He and his fellow trader, William Eckhardt, often debated the reasons for his success. Dennis believed anyone could be taught to trade the futures markets, while Eckhardt countered that Dennis had a special gift.

To settle this ongoing debate, Dennis set up the “Turtle” experiment.

The secret that made the “Turtle traders” Millionaires

In 1983, Dennis placed an ad in the Wall StreetJournal seeking commodity futures traders to train in his “proprietary trading concepts” – experience not required. A thousand people replied. The following year he repeated the ad and 15,000 people responded.

In all he took on 21 men and two women from varied backgrounds and for two weeks taught them the basics of futures trading.

He nicknamed his protégés “Turtles” after having visited a turtle-breeding farm in Singapore and being inspired by how quickly young turtles were produced. He announced his mission thus: “We’re going to grow traders just like they grow turtles in Singapore.”

Dennis taught a trading style called “trend following”. The Turtles were taught to spot share prices that were trending, and buy and sell into the trend. By following the trend, they boosted their chances of making a quick profit.

When their two-week training was complete the Turtles were given accounts containing around $1 million each of Dennis’s money, and left to implement what they’d learnt.

The Turtles traded stocks, bonds, currencies, oil, and dozens of other markets. They were trained to place no more than 2% of their capital on a single trade.

During the first year, the Turtles received a base salary plus 20% of the profits.

And they made millions – for Dennis and themselves.

Proof you can also make millions

My name is Annabel Koffman and this Turtle trader story has fascinated me for years.

In July 1994, I was paging through a US magazine called Financial World, and happened to see an article titled Wall Street's Top Players. The article listed the top 100 players on Wall Street for 1993, how much they’d made, and how they made it. George Soros topped the list. Julian Robertson was second, with $500 million. Bruce Kovner was fifth, with $200 million. Henry Kravis was eleventh at $56 million.

Further down the list, in 25th place, was Jerry Parker, of Chesapeake Capital, who’d just made $35 million. Parker was in his late 30s. His brief biography described him as having been trained by Richard Dennis to be a “Turtle” in 1983, when he was 25 years old.

It also added that Dennis taught Parker his “trend-tracking system”.

I’d never heard of Jerry Parker before. His age and earnings made me wonder: Did Richard Dennis have more “Turtle” students? How did they become students? What did he teach them? And who was Dennis?

Along with many others I’d always thought unbelievably successful traders were a breed apart. That they had something special you and I didn’t have. Call it luck or skill, I wasn’t sure. But their Ferraris, wine farms and yachts seemed to tell us all they were indeed masters of their game.

But the Turtle Trader story blew that myth apart.

This story shreds the idea there’s no way for the little guy to beat the market. Or that there’s no way to beat market averages.

It shows that making big money, beating the market, is possible for regular people, if you have the right rules and knowledge to play with.

In search of the million dollar Turtle system

Incredulous at what I’d read, I began looking for more information about Dennis and his Turtles.

I discovered Dennis was a maverick Chicago trader, not linked to a major investment bank or Fortune 500 firm. He also practised an alternative type of trading. Unlike other traders who used gut “feelings” to make decisions he used mathematical tools to calculate risk.

Dennis had found a way to profit from an understanding of behavioural finance decades before Nobel prizes were awarded to professors on the subject. His competitors could never get a handle on his consistent ability to profit despite “irrational market behaviour” in all types of markets.

His trading performance was considered freakish. Or “lucky”. After he began trading at age 17, he soon earned the nickname “Prince of the Pit” because of his incredible success.

But with the “Turtle” experiment Dennis proved that his ability to make money in the markets wasn’t luck at all. His inexperienced students made millions – for him and themselves.

Whenever the media quizzed him about his net worth Dennis would reply: “I find that kind of gauche.” What he really wanted to prove was that his skills were not due to extraordinary talent. That anyone could learn to trade profitably, if taught properly…

And he succeeded.

So how does this story impact your ability to make a fortune from trading?

Keep reading and I’ll tell you…

The techniques Dennis taught his students are similar to the trading strategies employed by billion-dollar hedge funds today. In general, the average share trader glued daily to CNBC hasn’t heard this story. But the players on Wall Street, who make the real money, know it well.

So what exactly did Dennis teach the Turtles? What were their trading rules and how can you use those insights today in your portfolio? What happened to them after the experiment, in the ensuing years?

The Turtle trading rules were kept secret for many years. In 2007 they were published in a book and then circulated all over the internet.

In 1989, an article in the Wall Street Journal reported that over five years (1984-1989) the Turtle Traders had personally earned $35 million, as a percentage of the $175 million they’d made for Richard Dennis.

That was an extraordinary amount of money back then. Was this just a few years of lucky trading, or would this famous experiment continue to stand the test of time?

Now fast forward to over 20 years later...

According to Autumn Gold, an independent rating service of money managers in the USA, members of the famous Turtle Trader group currently manage over $2.7 billion of customer money, and in 2010, they earned over $400 million in profits.

In 2008, at the height of the financial crisis, an article in FINalternatives, a hedge fund publication, noted that since inception in February 1988, Jerry Parker’s Chesapeake Capital had suffered only one losing year – 2001 – when it fell 7.98%. Twenty years with hardly a blip in its performance!

Now here’s how YOU can become a Turtle Trader

The story of the Turtle Traders really could transform your life forever – just like it did mine…

You see, I’m the Group Publisher for FSP Invest so I’m always on the lookout for successful trading strategies – for readers and for myself. But this story was in a league of its own!

After I read about the Turtle Traders, I began searching obsessively for possible clues to their trading strategy. I read every book I could find about trend following and put the word out to brokers that I was looking for a trend following trader who also happened to be a mathematical wizard and computer programmer...

Unfortunately, this kind of person is a very rare breed.

Over the years I met a random assortment of traders, but for one reason or another their track records showed they hadn’t mastered the mathematical formula Richard Dennis had. And they certainly didn’t know how to create a user-friendly software program even if they had mastered the trading formula! Then one day I heard about Dr Issy Bacher. According to the grapevine he was busy developing a software program that followed the market cycles...

Impatient to meet with Dr Bacher, I called his office and set up an appointment. When we met I asked him if he’d ever heard of Richard Dennis and the Turtle Traders story. He hadn’t, so I proceeded to tell him. The look of astonishment on his face was quickly followed by excitement.

He explained the software program he was developing to predict market cycles was inspired by a book he’d read by Joseph Granville… The book had revealed that the stock market was all about numbers. Pure, hard figures.

This seemed to match Dennis’s mathematical approach, which got ME very excited.

Issy explained that he’d raced through the book and then punched all Granville’s theories into his computer. The results were incredible…

They showed that over time practically all shares and markets seem to follow the same pattern. These patterns could be used to predict the future moves of shares!

What’s more, he’d tested it. Not with million dollar stakes of course, but with several thousand rand. Which had turned into several hundred thousand and then… several million...

I could hardly contain myself. At that moment, I realised without a shadow of a doubt that Issy may have unknowingly discovered…

The secret of the Turtle Trader millionaire-making strategy

While Issy may have stumbled on the Turtle secret in a roundabout way through Granville’s book, he’d never heard about the Turtle Traders themselves until now.

The implications were enormous.

Together, he and I could help thousands of regular people to trade like the Turtles!

Lives could be changed…

I told him my readers had been waiting for a software program like his to help them achieve their potential.

It was the key to unlocking wealth we’d all been waiting for.

That meeting that day led to the incredible system I’m about to reveal to you...

But first let me explain how we got to this point.

For several months after our meeting, Issy and I set about creating the perfect software program and training manual to make it as easy as possible for FSP Invest readers to use

He showed me how to perfect trading opportunities and dip into the market for regular gains of R700 to R1,100 in just a few hours! It became addictive. The more I saw it used, the more profitable trades resulted.

Then we held live demos with my investment team and every one of them was blown away.

Finally, to make sure people with zero understanding of investment or trading could use it, we tested it for two weeks on a dental hygienist, a personal trainer, a secretary and a beautician.

The results were amazing. Not only did they find the system easy to use, they each ended up several thousand rand richer!

Now I know you’re impatient to get into the nitty gritty for yourself, so here’s how it works…

There’s no mystery, no surprises, just a sneak preview of future market prices!

The system Dr Bacher developed – which we’ve called Cycle Trends – has broken down 100 years of stock market cycles so you can accurately predict what’s going to happen next…

You see, the stock market runs in cycles, so it repeats the same patterns over time. It stands to reason. The stock market is just like fashion or history. Miniskirts and wars always make a comeback.

In fact, everything moves in cycles. What goes up must come down.

Now, because it’s based on hard historical data, there’s NO room for human error. Just like the Turtle Traders, you never need to watch another financial news program or look at another newspaper again.

The Cycle Trends system tells you where the profits are! And the beauty is it’s fully automated.

It takes data from the markets every evening. Then it rapidly processes 100 years’ worth of EXACT figures. It crunches all the previous financial cycles and accurately predicts future ones.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s spot on every single time. Even the Turtle Traders experienced a few losses, but they were trained to expect these and make millions from their spot on trades!

Now the best part is, you can make money, month after month, no matter what the economy does.

Let me show you how…

Assuming you bought 1,000 shares of these companies you’d have made...

• R80,000 from Implats in 88 days (a 66% gain)

• R27,000 from Standard Bank in 75 days (a 45 % gain)

• R66,000 from Kumba in 81 days (a 47% gain)

• R29,500 from SAB Miller in 31 days (a 21% gain)

• R18,450 from Massmart in 87 days (a 29% gain)

• R28,000 from Nedcor in 82 days (a 43 % gain)

• R7,000 from Pick ’n Pay in 75 days (a 25 % gain)

Listen, I don’t want to give you the wrong idea. Those were some of the better trades we’ve done. I can’t promise you’ll make returns like that every day. A lot of the time, you’ll be making smaller returns – more quickly.

But please don’t let that put you off. We’re not going for the “big one” by taking big risks.

Especially when you’re just getting started, it’s better to aim for safe, smaller amounts. Let’s say R700 every day. Because, think about it… although it doesn’t sound like much… R700 a day equals R17,500 a month.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Because, imagine for a second, instead of spending that R17,500, you reinvested the profits to trade with…. Then, suppose you triple your trading stake each month for six months starting with the minimum...

You’d have R315,000 clear in your bank account after just 6 months! And that’s a conservative estimate!

You see the beauty of the Cycle Trends system is it gives you such an incredible edge.

If you’re guaranteed to profit, it WILL predict it.

You can’t expect to make once-off amounts like R10,000 every day. But, if you’re happy to collect R500 to R700 a day, then this could make you some very easy money over the next few months...

Just four hours a week will give you a life of complete financial freedom

Using our system is by no means hard. You won’t need a degree or any financial training. Just a few of the most essential Turtle Trader rules, which I’m including for you at the end of my letter.

But you will need to invest around four hours a week in actual trading. That’s not written in stone – by the way. Sometimes, it might take a little longer. Sometimes, it might take a lot less time.

This isn’t day trading. It doesn’t incur that kind of risk! You’ll make swift, timed raids into the market to seize tidy, regular profits.

And, best of all, you can do it in your own time. Whenever you want. All you’ll need is your own computer and an internet connection.

Simply stay alert for around half an hour a day… Then sit back and watch as regular, daily sums like R700 – and sometimes even R4,000 – land neatly in your bank account.

Sounds like something you might be capable of?

Issy has already shown thousands of people in South Africa, Australia and the UK the secret. And I’m about to show you how easy it is to use.

So, without further ado, here’s exactly what you’ll need to do to claim your cut of the millions traded on the JSE daily.

Firstly, each evening you’ll download all the data you need from the markets.

I know that sounds complicated but believe me it isn’t. If you’ve ever set up broadband on your computer you’ll know what I mean. All you have to do is plug in a cable, run a disk and “hey presto”…

This is exactly the same.

You plug a cable called a “data feed” into the back of your computer, run some software and that’s it. Your portal to a century’s worth of data is open.

Once you’ve done this…

There are three easy steps to Turtle success…

This is incredibly easy.

Step 1: Click on my icon on your desktop. Then wait while my fully automated system scans the market for promising shares.

Step 2: Then you simply need to apply the “final test” to any shares selected. This confirms whether the share’s worth purchasing. If it is – you buy.

Step 3: Finally, just drop the shares that have passed the first two stages into your “Watch list” – and monitor their progress. Anything added to this “Watch list” will be automatically updated when you next download market data. This means you’ll know exactly when to sell.

That’s all it takes.

I know it sounds too good to be true. Which is why I’m going to show you how to try it risk-free. And yes, I know it sounds too easy. But that’s a good thing. I’m not trying to hoodwink you. So let me explain how the complex technology underpinning this simple system works…

When you boil it right down, the stock market is a race. There are winners and losers... My system uses three simple criteria to ensure you keep winning.

Because it’s so complex, the stock market has to be addressed using a variety of different signals. This forms a kind of diagnostic chart that predicts the future markets…

The three check points that’ll secure you win after win

When you click on the Cycle Trends system, it rapidly scans the market and performs three tests. It analyses the previous cycles in the market in order to predict the future and pick you a winner:

“On your marks” – The first check is based on the previous cycles in the markets. The genius of this is because it’s based on 100 years of data it literally goes back in time.

“Get set” – The second thing it addresses is the number of shares that have been bought or sold up till now. This is very important because naïve traders buy when a share has already reached its top level. This is when you shouldn’t buy. Based on Richard Dennis’s trading strategy, the system pinpoints the exact moment when the market’s ripe for you to profit.

“Go” – When the line on the graph passes through the final check point, the system selects the share and tells you to BUY!

I want to you to be 100% certain you’ll profit – So here’s your fail-safe “final test”…

So now you’ve run the software program and it’s given you the green light to start trading.

But you need to perform one final test to check your share’s performance against the market…

Remember, there’s still going to be a small amount of risk. But if you want to achieve anything at all, you have to take risks, just like Richard Dennis and the Turtles. The trick is to manage your risk, using Turtle Trader rules like only staking 2% of your whole account on one trade.

And yes, it’s the nature of things that your returns will be sporadic. Sometimes, you’ll make much more money than other times. Some weeks, you’ll need to put in more hours than other weeks.

That’s life. If you want miracles – I can’t offer you them. I just happened to stumble across something big…

This works. It’s based on proven cycles. It only uses hard data to PROVE which shares are set to rise in value. This literally opens up the stock market for ordinary people like you and me.

And remember… Cycle Trends doesn’t only work when the market’s going up. It works in reverse too. So it’s also accurate when the market’s going down! It follows the whole cycle of the market. So, no matter what happens – you can profit!

You can finally seize your financial future with both hands

I hope by now I’ve made it clear what this system will do for you. Your wealth creation potential is up to you. You now have the tools and knowledge you need – everything’s within your grasp.

Just like the Turtle Traders, you could make it onto the Forbes magazine list of wealthiest people one day.

What you achieve with it is up to you.

One thing I’m completely sure of is that you’ll sleep better at night and be able to banish all those nagging financial worries that cause you stress! And you’ll be able to spoil yourself with all the little extra luxuries that make life so much easier.

It’s not an impossible dream. Thousands of people in the UK, Australia and South Africa have already done it. Here’s what some of them have to say…

“Hello, Just had to let you know how well Cycle Trends worked for me. I made five profitable trades within days of receiving the software. I paid for the program in three small trades. I can only say that Cycle Trends is the best thing since sliced bread. The clear and easy instructions make using the program a pleasure. Thank you for developing this remarkable piece of software.”  Koos Bothma

“Thought I would let you know that it’s been a month since I bought Cycle Trends and I’m quite happy. It has paid for itself a few times already.” Christo Smit

“I want to thank you for the effort you put into the Cycle Trends program. Last week I avoided a loss on a sizeable position. I have one word for your program. ’Indispensable’.” Bruce W. Thompson

“Congratulations my friend, your cycles were spot on. This week your cycles told me to short the market. I have been lucky to have picked up about 60 points.” Dave

“After just 3 days of using Cycle Trends I have recovered the expense of the product with profits indicated by the tool. Cycle Trends is definitely a great tool for assisting investors. Many Thanks,” John L

“I live on a smallholding outside Kroonstad in the Free State. I bought your Cycle Trends Program and I’m loving it! The most important point to the program for me is that it is not complicated. I have just gone on pension and have no background in share dealings. If one concentrates on the clear buy and sell signals one will battle to go wrong. I have made some money already but can see the potential is enormous particularly with the volatile market we have at the moment. Thanks again.” D. F. Dodkins

“Thank you ever so much for the wonderful Cycle Trends program. God bless you and for all your labours and the research that you have done to make such a program as Cycle Trends possible.” Richard Kelly 

Wouldn’t it be nice to NEVER Have to worry about money again?

Wouldn’t it be nice to make hundreds or THOUSANDS of rand a month, with hardly any effort at all?

Imagine being able to afford all those things you’ve ever wanted... a bigger home... regular holidays overseas... eating out every night... decent-sized trust funds for the kids...

Not to mention the peace of mind a life free from money worries can bring!

In a few minutes time, I’m going to give you a choice. The kind of choice you may not get again in your lifetime... almost certainly not from me, anyway.

I’m going to invite you to join me as we get ahead of the markets time after time after time...

Don’t worry – I’ll prove to you beyond all doubt that Cycle Trends works... All you need to do is make your decision.

I want you to think long and hard about it – Because it could be the most important financial decisions of your life...

By now, I expect you want to know how to get your hands on this amazing system. I’ll let you know in a minute. But first I’ve got one more thing to tell you about…

You get our unlimited support all the time – 24/7

We call it unlimited handholding. Don’t forget, Issy was once a beginner too, experimenting with technology before he perfected this system. And he understands completely that the last thing you want is something you can’t understand. With no one to explain things to you…

Which is why he’s offering to be your mentor – 24/7.

So, if you’ve got any problems at all – just contact Issy. If by chance he’s in the UK or Australia at the time, giving seminars, our Cycle Trends support team will be able to help you.

I’m quite serious about this. When you order Cycle Trends, you’ll get Issy’s personal email address and contact numbers. He’s passionate about helping everyone succeed, so he doesn’t mind how often you contact him personally or how small or “silly” the requests.

From time to time, he’ll even drop you the odd email with tips and suggestions. In fact, his personal guarantee to you is, if you’re committed to making money – he’ll make sure this works for you.

You see, just like Richard Dennis with the Turtles, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching one’s students become great successes.

Just like the piano-playing, card-playing, inexperienced Turtle Traders, you can become a hotshot trader!

Remember that some of the Turtle Traders had been piano players and accountants previously. Oh and two were good at cards…They had NO qualifications to enter the trading arena. But they did. And the best part is they outshone the regular traders!

Which is why Cycle Trends users are quietly infiltrating a previously elite industry...

It’s so effective the stock market’s no longer a “closed shop”! You don’t need some special talent, generations of stockbroking relatives, or a PhD to master the world of trading.

The Turtle Traders proved that over two decades ago, using the same system you’re about to experience.

Remember, the Turtles were absolute beginners, with just two weeks of training. And in only five years they earned more than $175 million. Richard Dennis proved beyond a doubt that beginners can learn to trade successfully. And now you can get your hands on the same trend following tool they had!

Plus, of course, there’s no risk on this whatsoever…

Because I KNOW this works.

There’s no question – you’ve seen the evidence for yourself.

This isn’t a matter of – will you make money?

It’s a case of – how much money will you make? And how quickly?

That’s why…

I have no problem offering you this 30-day no quibble, money back guarantee

If you’re not dipping into the market and grabbing handfuls of cash in 30 days, I’ll give you every cent of your money back. And if, during that time, you’re not confident putting your own money into it, you can always “paper trade” for a while.

Remember, this 30 day money back guarantee is iron-clad because it’s backed by FSP Invest.

You really have nothing to lose.

So, here’s the important question...

How much would you pay for a system that allows you to achieve all this in just 30 minutes a day?

Imagine you actually employed someone to tell you what the sure fire stock market winners were.

They’d cost thousands of rand a month.

Now, would you pay all that for somebody who based a lot of their decision making on “gut feeling”?

Because let’s face it, no matter how brilliant a person was they would NEVER be able to tell which shares were the winners with the accuracy Cycle Trends does…

And because we’re so passionate about getting as many regular people to trade like the Turtles did I’m about to offer you an incredible deal.

I’m going to let you to have the complete Cycle Trends system for just R5,995.

You can have this incredible system for a total cost of just R5,995

You’ll make this money back easily anyway.

And don’t forget – I’m talking about a once-off cost for the software.

After your initial purchase, your outlay per year will simply be the cost of the data feed. This is a monthly payment of just R160 to Sharenet, our recommended data feed supplier.

Here’s everything you’ll get…

  • Your very own copy of the Cycle Trendssoftware program, with a unique, secure user ID and serial code•A CD-ROM giving you a full walk-through of Cycle Trends– from stock market basics to how to put on your first trade...•A hard-copy version of the user manual, showing you, step by step, how to use the program to profit from the stock market•PLUS – 24/7 access to my support team and I... we’re here to answer ANY questions you have, any time of the day or night!In three easy steps, you can end your money worries forever.The only thing I ask is that you hurry. Because Issy’s aftercare support is so advanced he can only take a limited number of orders…

You need to respond now to secure a place!

To secure your place, simply order below. You must act fast though. Every time we run a seminar they’re quickly oversubscribed.

You see, in the early stages of using the system most people need advice or have questions that need answering. And there are also thousands of customers in the UK and Australia making fortunes with Cycle Trends who need Dr Bacher’s time too!

That’s why we have to make a final cut-off date for participation in this premium service. Because although we have a highly trained support team in place, there’s only one Dr Bacher. And he already has as much on his hands as he can physically cope with.

Cycle Trends is your ticket. It’s your chance to live the kind of life you’ve always wanted. But if you want to be in on this you must act now.

Don’t miss your chance to become one of South Africa’s new breed of “Turtle Traders” – an elite circle of regular people like you and I, who are busy building their fortunes with Cycle Trends!

Secure your ticket to financial freedom now!

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