Halliker's Inc. – II

The book is basically no more than an instruction manual for the software Ganntrader. Be treated again angle Zero Angles and Squares. Unlike Part 1 comes in the continuation astrology to language, however, is limited to Planetary Lines as support and resistance, Average of 8 and the like. The software has some interesting Plotting functions and enables even transits to Natal Planest the First Trade Charts draw in the price chart to receive a very useful function to a rapid graphical impression of support and resistance. Some descriptions of astrological concepts like Latitude and declination and to applications are quite usable. The real financial astrology with all its forecasting tools missing. The statistical elaboration of individual astrological signatures (eg by Chi-Square test or through the graphical correlation test) is not the subject of the book.

Many authors use their books arbitrary interpretations of Ganntexte thus ensuring confusion. In Hallikers there is neither part 1 nor part 2 in gross misinterpretation of terms or the Gann quotes. Nevertheless, the drafts are too superficial. It is a very weak and loveless drafting, partly simple “paste and copy” from the Software Manual. Significant elements of theory is missing. Part 1 and Part 2 are still recommended for beginners and contribute together with the Gannkursen (Commodity and Stock Course by Gann) Tree Ring, Ferrera, Mikula, Long, Meridian and Merriman to a comprehensive understanding of Theory in.

Sidenote: The software with their old MSDOS environment not exactly user-friendly and requires a longer training period. Nevertheless, it is the best choice for professional financial astrologers in cooperation with Alphees MarketTrader Platinum. Alphee provides backtests by the statistical elaboration of individual signatures and screening for signatures that software accepts plotting the charts, draws correctly the Planetary Lines, angles, squares and geometric resistance points in the Master Calculator. We recommend it to use price data in Metastock format, as they are read by both software systems and thus a database is sufficient. Alphee also offers an extensive collection of FirstTrade charts.

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