Eric Tyson - Mutual Funds for Dummies (6th Ed.)

Indicators are pointing to a rebound in mutual funds, and investors are returning! Newly revised and updated, Mutual Funds For Dummies, 6th Edition, provides you with expert insight on how to find the best-managed funds that match your financial goals. With straightforward advice and a plethora of specific up-to-date fund recommendations, personal finance expert helps you avoid fund-investing pitfalls and maximize your chances of success.

  • This revised edition features expanded coverage of ETFs, fund alternatives, and research methods
  • Tyson provides his time-tested investing advice, as well as updates to his fund recommendations and coverage of tax law changes
  • Sample fund portfolios and updated forms show you exactly how to accomplish your financial goals

Pick the best funds, assemble and maintain your portfolio, evaluate your funds' performance, and track and invest in funds online with Mutual Funds For Dummies, 6th Edition!

Table of Contents


  • Part I: Mutual Funds: Sharing Risks and Rewards.
    • Chapter 1: Making More Money, Taking Less Risk.
    • Chapter 2: Mutual Funds: Pros and Cons.
    • Chapter 3: Funding Your Plans.
  • Part II: Evaluating Alternatives to Funds.
    • Chapter 4: Selecting Your Own and Bonds.
    • Chapter 5: Exchange-Traded Funds and Other Fund Lookalikes.
    • Chapter 6: Hedge Funds and Other Managed Alternatives.
  • Part III: Separating the Best from the Rest.
    • Chapter 7: Finding the Best Funds.
    • Chapter 8: Using Fund Publications.
    • Chapter 9: Buying Funds from the Best Firms.
  • Part IV: Crafting Your Fund Portfolio.
    • Chapter 10: Perfecting a Fund Portfolio.
    • Chapter 11: Money Market Funds: Beating the Bank.
    • Chapter 12: Bond Funds: When Boring Is Best.
    • Chapter 13: Stock Funds: Meeting Your Longer-Term Needs.
    • Chapter 14: Specialty Funds: One of a Kind.
    • Chapter 15: Working It Out: Sample Portfolios.
    • Chapter 16: Applications, Transfers, and Other Useful Forms.
  • Part V: Keeping Current and Informed.
    • Chapter 17: Evaluating Your Funds and Adjusting Your Portfolio.
    • Chapter 18: The Taxing Side of Mutual Funds.
    • Chapter 19: Common Fund Problems and How to Fix Them.
    • Chapter 20: Fund Ratings and Forecasters.
    • Chapter 21: Harnessing Your Computer's Power.
  • Part VI: The Part of Tens.
    • Chapter 22: Ten Common Fund-Investing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.
    • Chapter 23: Ten Fund-Investing Fears to Conquer.
    • Chapter 24: Ten Tips for Hiring a Adviser.

Appendix: Recommended Fund Companies and Discount Brokers.


Eric Tyson is a nationally recognized personal finance counselor, writer, and lecturer. He is the bestselling author of Dummies books on personal finance and investing.

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