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Keyword Research + Title Creation

We will be providing you with our advanced keyword and topic research strategies. What we showed you in this video on keyword research is just one way and we will show an in-depth strategy on how to find the highest quality keywords so that your videos can be picked up by the YouTube algorithm fast. This includes all the plugins and tools we use as well for this process.

YouTube Ranking Strategy

We show you our exact strategy to optimize your videos so that they have the highest probability of ranking for keywords and showing up in YouTube searches.

Channel Setup & Optimization

We show you how to set up your channel correctly so that it is perfectly positioned to be picked up by the YouTube algorithm and designed in a way to foster a high subscriber conversion rate.

Channel Niche Conceptualization

Knowing how to choose the right niche for your channel and how to model your channel identity is one of the most important things you must do because if you are “just another generic” unboxing channel you will fail. There is a very specific formula for choosing a channel niche.

YouTube Algorithm Mastery

We show you how the YouTube algorithm works as we have implemented these strategies with many clients and know exactly what triggers it. Understanding its secrets inside and out is how to use it to your advantage and at its full potential.

How To Design Your YouTube Videos

We show you how to actually structure a YouTube video correctly meaning what to say for the openings as a hook, how to ask for engagement, and how to have all topics flow to increase watch time and overall make them stay. Without understanding how to structure the backbone of a YouTube video, you will have what is called a leak where your audience stops watching the video abruptly.

Uploading Mastery

We show you how to correctly optimize your video to be uploaded to YouTube the right way. Uploading isn’t as simple as clicking upload. There is an exact formula to this so that the algorithm can recognize and categorize the video as the correct topic and be promoted across YouTube.

Thumbnail Mastery

We show you how to create perfect thumbnails that force the viewer to click your video. Remember that thumbnails are one of the most important parts of a successful video. We tell you exactly how to design them, the programs we use, techniques, and many key strategies so that you can create the perfect thumbnail every time.

Thumbnail Archive

We will also include our thumbnail archive. This is a collection of the best thumbnails we have compiled that have the highest probability of being clicked as they are that good. You can reference all these examples and base your own thumbnails on them.


This is a series of videos & strategies that will take help grow your channel fast. We apply these exact strategies to all channels we manage and all clients we help, which has resulted in hyper-growth.


Turn YouTube Into An Business

We show you how to monetize your audience and have it running fully automated.

How To Create a Digital Product

We show you how to create a digital product the right way, even if you have no idea what you want to sell, we show you exactly what kinds of products to make for your specific niche. If you already have a product or service, then great, we show you how to implement YouTube as a part of your funnel in order to use free traffic to scale your business.

Create Your Own Website

We show you how to create your own website that is also able to host your course and digital product just like ours where the lessons are interactive. We show you how to do this all yourself.

Creating A Fully Automated Funnel

We show you how to set up an automated funnel so that your products and services can generate revenue on autopilot so that you can stop trading your time for it.

YouTube Ads High CPM Strategy

We show you our high cpm strategy that you apply when choosing video topics and more specifically what you discuss within your video. This helps increase your overall CPM which results in an increase in overall ad revenue.


Scriptwriting is the difference between an average video and one that people love & share
​This is the exact step-by-step guide we use for every one of our videos in order to write great scripts that teach our audience complex topics in a simplified format


The bonus item we will be including is how we video edit
Knowing how to edit is one of the most important skills you must learn not just for YouTube but for all business avenues you want to pursue
​We will show you the exact programs and plugins we use and how to use use them to create professional videos that your viewers will love

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