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Tiago Forte - Design Your Habits

The ability to create, sustain, and redesign habits is one of the foundational skills of high performance in any area, allowing you to preserve your time, energy, and willpower.

In this class, you will learn the best principles and tools for designing better habits and then use them to complete a hands-on project: designing a sustainable daily habit to improve your productivity, creativity, health, or wellbeing.

In my work with Forte Labs, I've helped thousands of people from organizations like Genentech, Toyota, and Nestle to understand and use the techniques of behavior design, and now I am opening up this method to a wider audience online.

We will:

  • Deconstruct and understand the Habit Loop, the basic model that governs habit formation
  • Learn the most effective techniques for strengthening each component of a new habit
  • Combine these techniques in a personalized template based on my Habit Loop 2.0 model


To equip students with an actionable template for establishing or improving any habit in their lives, based on the latest scientific research, design principles, and coaching experience.


  • Identifying high-leverage keystone habits for maximum impact
  • Anchoring new habits in existing routines
  • Recruiting neural reward mechanisms to make habits sustainable
  • Setting up reminders and accountability systems
  • Tying behavior change to meaningful implementation intentions
  • Building self-confidence and self-belief using small wins
  • Using closers to address behavioral loopholes
  • Modifying your environment to support habit change
  • Utilizing self-tracking and analysis to understand habit patterns


  • Highly condensed overview of the most effective habit change principles and techniques, based on years of research and coaching experience
  • Exercises and a hands-on project to put your learning into practice
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of completing your own Habit Loop 2.0 template with a habit you want to design
  • Curated selection of the best tools and resources for habit formation
  • Access to 1-on-1 coaching support via Clarity (extra charge)


  • Enhanced performance in any area of life that depends on systematic, regular practice
  • Improved self-understanding and self-confidence through guided exercises
  • Understanding of science-based techniques for behavior change
  • Access to a repeatable, proven template for habit formation
  • Increased time, energy, and willpower from putting productive habits on autopilot


"Simple, realistic advice/techniques, yet life-changing and very meaningful. Different approaches to habit forming than I've heard before. Highly recommended."

— Amy Fuller, Creative Director, FLINT, Inc.

"Finally! A system to create new habits. Learning that relying on my own willpower was a mistake propelled me towards designing my life around a better habit of creating better habits. Phenomenal!"

— Dan Hinz, Dan Hinz Coaching

"The class is an incredible walkthrough of every important aspect of making new habits and keeping them. It makes each step simple and concise."

— MJ Schoen, Producer, Venture Hill Entertainment

"Brilliant class. Tiago has bundled the latest research into an easy to implement action sequence. I have read all the books on the psychology of habits but have not seen such an actionable template for behavior change as this one."

— Thomas Witt, Thomas Witt Consulting

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