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What You Will Learn In Each Of Our 7 Training Sessions… 

For each of the 45- to 75-minute sessions that Steve conducts, he provides you with the following training and ongoing guidance. And don’t worry if you are busy and cannot make it to all of the sessions or if there is some topic that you want to review again. They will all be recorded and you will be able to watch them at a time that is convenient for you. You’ll watch us trade. — As you learn our methods, you will be able to monitor every trade that The CORE Methods told him to initiate to ensure that you understand how the rules should be implemented. Note that the main focus of this real money account trading is educational in nature and will be integrated into the course material throughout the entire 7 session period when these lessons were recorded. Review the action and previous week’s trade signals. — Once you begin learning the methods during the second session, you will be able to follow along as Steve trades. With each session, he reviews the previous week’s action and goes over specific signals as needed. System Logic. — We will introduce each method by explaining what it does and how it works. Through chart examples, you’ll get a good feel for the kinds of signals each method generates. Performance Statistics. — We’ll go over the performance of each method and give you an in-depth overview of each method’s winning percentages, profit factors, trade duration, trade frequency and performance in different market environments. Method Rules. — There are a small number of rules for each method, and we will not only teach each of them to you, we will also explain the important role that each rule plays in potentially maximizing your profits. The TradingMarkets Professional College

Course Schedule CORE Foundation Knowledge Model-Driven Systematic Strategies And Methods For Indices, SPYs, QQQQs, And E-minis

Session 1 - The Path To Becoming A Successful Swing Trader 

The CORE Overview — First, we’ll lay down a foundation of essential knowledge you need to know about how the markets work. Come with an open mind, as you learn concepts which may differ from “conventional wisdom.” From there, we’ll build upon this knowledge to help you get the best results when you’re trading The CORE. Here’s what we’ll cover in this first session: Which is better…model-driven trading or discretionary trading? — In this section, we’ll show you how a good trading method can eliminate the many years you’d have to spend learning discretionary strategies (which require you to learn subjectively and interpret patterns or data). What is The CORE discovery and how can it improve your trading? — In this section, we will explain what The CORE is, give you some background on why it works and then walk you through chart examples that clearly show you how the method captures rapid reversals in high-quality stocks in different market environments. The academic evidence of price behavior predictors. — We will provide you with a brief (and understandable) overview of the academic studies and mathematic theories that back The CORE Method. Brokers and order placement — CORE orders can be placed either at the open or near the close. While order placement is simple, there are often hidden expenses that most traders are unaware of which your broker may not be telling you about. We will provide you with some criteria you can use in order to make sure that your broker is working for you (and not against you) in maximizing your weekly, monthly and yearly returns. Questions — We will answer all of your questions to ensure that you can fully take advantage of The CORE Methods. Next, we’ll teach you the first system of our 7-session course. The CORE R3 Method — Over a 10-year period of simulated trading, this systematic trading method achieved the following: Has been 87.84% correct on the long side on the S&P 500. Has had a Profit Factor of 9.18 on the long side (anything above 2.0 is considered outstanding). Had as many as 23 consecutive winning trades…while having no more than 2 consecutive losing trades Has captured over 1500 S&P and over 3400 Nasdaq 100 points In my past 26 years as a trader, both on the floor as a specialist and as head of my own firm, I have not seen any non-optimized and non-curve fitted system in the world that has ever achieved results like this (except for other methods taught in my 7-Session Course).

Session 2 - The CORE RSI 20 Method, and the RSI 1% Method for the SPYs and the QQQQs 

In Session Two, I will teach you the complete rules of The Core RSI 20 Method, and The RSI 1% Method to trade the SPYs, QQQQs, and the SMHs. Each of these methods has over a decade of performance behind it and each has high profit factors along with signals which have averaged 75-82% correct. Plus, as with all the methods, you will be given the software which will automatically identify the signals for you each day at the close. Model-Driven Systematic Strategies And Methods For Equities

Sessions 3 & 4 - The CORE R4 Method for Equity Swing Trading 

In Sessions Three and Four, we’ll expand into systematically swing trading equities. During these two weeks, you will learn the R4 Method for trading stocks. Special focus will be on the Nasdaq these two weeks as we look to trade portfolios which give us the potential for greater gains. Using this system in the current Nasdaq 100, 94 out of the 100 stocks have shown a net profit from 1995 to 2004 in simulated trading. The signals have been correct approximately 81% of the time in thousands of simulated trades and profit factors are as high as 34.88!

Session 5 - The CORE RS2/DW System 

In Session Five we will teach you The RS2/DW System created by MIT graduate and professional trader, David Weilmuenster. The RS2/DW System is another strong system to trade the SPY’s and any derivative of the S&P 500.

Session 6 - The CORE 4/10/60 Method 

In Session Six, we will teach you The CORE 4/10/60 Method. This simple-to-understand method has been tested on the stocks in the S&P 100 going back 16 years to 1989. With over 1000 simulated trades, the signals have been profitable approximately 70% of the time and the average gain of these stocks has been nearly 5 times greater than the average gain of the average S&P 100 stock over the same holding period. You will learn how to identify these stocks, when to buy, when to sell, position size, stop placement and more. Model-Driven Systematic Strategy For Options

Session 7 - The CORE 20/30/40 Method For Option Traders 

To round out your education in systematic trading, we will teach you the 20/30/40 Method for Options in Session Seven. This system has seen numerous triple digit returns in the underlying stocks over the past 16 years. And, its average gain has been over 36% per trade from buy to sell. Using long term options (LEAPs) you will learn how to systematically trade options, especially those that have the potential for large outsized gains. Special Bonus Session

Session 8 - TM R4 Method For Aggressive Swing Trading 

In this Special Bonus Session, we’ll take the R4 Method a much higher level by incorporating filters, moving averages in order to provide you with even higher probability setups. Putting The CORE Together

Session 9 - Special Three-Hour Session: Putting Your Portfolio Together 

In Session Nine, we will show you the best way to trade the CORE methods as one cohesive unit. You will not only benefit from the research that Connors Research Group has done on how these are best used, but also from Steve’s own experience as a professional trader and money manager. We are planning to make this a very comprehensive seminar which will provide you with a long-range edge with our The CORE methods as well as any other trading methods you current use. Here are topics that we will cover: How to maximize your returns by minimizing your expenses. — There are very few guarantees that can be made in this business. But one thing that can be guaranteed is that lower expenses mean greater returns for you at the end of the year. In this session, we will teach you ways to lower your expenses…a few of which only a few top professional traders know and use. The best way to manage your money when using multiple methods. — We will teach you how to achieve superior performance by ensuring that you have strict control over position sizes, intraday risk, overnight risk, and sector exposure. You will learn what to do when you see signals from multiple methods, how to make adjustments based upon correlated system exposure, the intelligent use of stops, and much, much more.

Session 10 - Special Three-Hour Session: How To Structure Your Like A Business

Are you absolutely, unequivocally driven to become a profitable and successful trader? It doesn’t matter whether you want to trade part-time or venture into full-time trading…one of the most intelligent and essential steps you can take is to structure your trading as a business. We will show you exactly how to do this during Session 10.

You will learn: How the right business plan can help you become a more profitable trader. — Some traders do not take the business of trading seriously and just focus on trading. They fall prey to the assumption that gross profits will take care of everything. But Steve will show you how this mentality can cut into your profits and the specific and immediate steps you can take to apply business principles to trading and maximize your returns. How to construct an integrated business plan that is designed for traders. — We will give you a ready-made and easily customizable business plan template and checklist that enables you to control every cost and in some cases eliminate the “edge-eaters” that impact your profitability such as brokerage commissions, bad fills, data feeds, office rent, software, taxes and hardware. You’ll also learn how much money is needed in order to get started and what you need to do to cover your living expenses. Setting specific target-driven goals. –Where do you want to be in your trading one year from now? Once your trading business is set up, you’ll be ready to take it to the next level and position yourself for steady growth of your trading business for years to come. And to ensure that you are capable of accomplishing this, we will work with you to set your specific goals and plan out how our 7 sessions together in this course can get you there. part-time vs. trading full-time. — The CORE methods are structured so that they can be traded successfully part- or full-time. In this section, Steve will provide you with his own insights on how he made the transition from part- to full-time trader and money manager.


Real Account With Steve Primo For the final part of the college, you’ll continue to watch Steve trade on a daily basis. During the final sessions, Steve will go deeper into individual trade sequences so that you will get a true sense of what it is like to trade these methods on your own, whether you decide to trade them part-time or full-time.

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