Smbcapital - The Condor System

The 100% systematic way for option traders to manage iron condor spreads to proactively reduce risk and increase reliability.

In "The TEA Iron Condor", Andrew Falde shows you

How using a technical signal can help you proactively reduce risk in market neutral trades and reduce the subjectivity in your trading. The exact rules of the strategy which can be applied to accounts from $10,000 and up. Tons of day-by-day examples so you are confident that you will know how to make the right adjustments at the right time. How a proper management strategy can dramatically improve your probabilities of success over time divider How Can a 100% Systematic Trade Produce Consisent Results?

Multiple Management Methods in One System

The TEA Iron Condor covers the major aspects of trading in one program. You will benefit from managing the trend, momentum, and range all with one set of rules. 

The Momentum/Trend

This is managed through the signal, sizing of each side of the iron condor, and the adjustment of strike placement through the trade.

Premium Decay

This trade primarily benefits from premium decay (Positive Theta) in options. The directional components of the systems are designed to not interfere with premium decay, but rather to defend it. 


When the market sits in a range, this trade performs great... but unlike many iron condor strategies, this trade can do very well in bullish and bearish trends as well.

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