Course, Ryan Lee, Continuity Summit 4

Ryan Lee – Continuity Summit 4

who do well with membership sites:

  • Session 1: How to Virtually Eliminate Cancellations (by Stu McLaren)
  • Session 2: How to DOUBLE Your Continuity Profits (by Tim Kerber)
  • Session 3: How To Get Your First 100 PAID Members (by Chris Farrell)
  • Session 4: 6 Figures in Youth Ministries… On Autopilot (by Paul Evans)
  • Session 5: How to Create Continuity “Service” Companies (by Troy Broussard)
  • Session 6: How to Create “No-Touch” Continuity Programs and Make Them 100% Evergreen! (by Jason Fladlien)
  • Session 7: The Secrets to Dominating a Tiny Niche with Recurring Revenue (by John Sanpietro)
  • Session 8: Selling Your Continuity with $1 Trials (by Sean Malarky)
  • Session 9: How to Use FREE Google Hangouts to Sell Continuity (by Chris Lang)
  • Session 10: From Fans to Family (by Ben Greenfield)
  • Bonus Session: 7 Minute Continuity (by Ryan Lee)

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