Rockwell – The Option Income Wheel by Markus Heitkoetter 

The is an in-depth, on-demand training on the income-generating strategy, The Wheel. This three-part trade is an amazing way to not only build a portfolio of 'blue chip' stocks at desirable prices, it also allows you to generate weekly income while you wait. With this on-demand training, you will also receive our proprietary "Option Wheel Calculator" to ensure you're always trading options that meet our strict income criteria

If you're looking for a systematic, consistent and repeatable way to generate monthly or weekly income from the markets, look no further. I believe "The Wheel" is by far the best high win rate income strategy there is and that's why I wrote this book. Since I've started trading it, I have maintained over a 95% win rate and I believe you can too.

Why I LOVE The Wheel!

The Wheel Strategy is by far the best income-generating strategy I've traded in my 20+ year career. this strategy requires just a few hours every week and is simple to understand even if you're brand new to trading. I've now taught this strategy to thousands of others traders who in just a matter of weeks are now consistently generating income trading The Wheel. That's why I wrote this book. I want to share this amazing strategy with as many people as possible because I'm confident that no matter your background if you trade it the way I do you can find success in the market and start living the life of your dreams.

What is "The Wheel Trading Strategy" You Might Be Thinking?

The Wheel Trading Strategy is a powerful trading strategy that can be fairly low risk IF you know what you’re doing.

I review all of the comments on my YouTube videos & questions on my live streams and have compiled a list of the questions I get most often.

So I'm going to talk about the 29 things you must know when trading the Wheel Strategy.

The Wheel Strategy Overview:

The basics of The Wheel Strategy are actually pretty simple.

Here are the three steps that we need to do when trading this strategy:

  1. Step Number One: We want to sell put options and collect the premium.
  2. Step Number Two: Here, we may or may not get assigned.
  3. Step Number Three: If we are assigned we’ll sell covered call options and collect more premium. If we’re not assigned, then we’ll stay at Step Number One and keep selling put options to collect more premium.

As you can see, it’s really not that complicated. I mean, wouldn’t you agree?

For my full strategy with loads of examples and access to a digital companion guide with color charts and images grab a copy of my new book "The Wheel Trading Strategy" by clicking the button below.

Sound good? Then let's start trading!

Best regards,
~Markus Heitkoetter

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