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Boot Camp

This course is an excellent introduction to trading concept. You will learn understand, read and trade any chart in the future. The content of this program is very potent and specifically geared towards real life trading. This is not a repeat of all the free material circulating over the internet and will not be found in any books. This course is geared towards real life trading application of MP.


  • General concept off charting, how its constructed and its main differences compare to standard bar or candle charts
  • Value area concept and the statistical bell curve
  • Point of Control (POC) and its vital importance
  • Initial balance (IB) and its implications
  • Range extension (RE) and its implications
  • Buying/selling tail why they are important
  • Minus development (foot print of dumb money)
  • styles off open and their implications
  • Open locations, how to trade each situation
  • Type off days and how to trade them
  • Trending vs bracketing market, how to trade each condition
  • How to assess the health off a trend and identify its possible end
  • How to identify if a rotational market is about to break up/down
  • The 4 steps off the market and their crucial importance
  • Profile Shapes P, b, D, how to trade them
  • Identification off main support resistance within structure

Market Profile Trade Set Ups

This course covers advanced strategies and provides specific trade set ups and game plans suitable for more experienced Traders with already a good understanding of MP concept. We recommend you learn the content of our Boot Camp prior to purchasing this course. The last 18 pages of the manual will provide you specific graphically displayed trade set ups with entries, stops and targets. trading will never be a guessing work again. You will be prepared for all market conditions and can select your trading strategy ahead of the open. You will be shown where to place your orders, stops and exit for each set ups.


  • How to Trade Based on Value Rather than False Signals.
  • How to Analyze a Profile Chart.
  • The 7 Key Principles of in Electronic Auction Markets.
  • How to Identify Key Reference Price Levels.
  • How to Identify Auction Market Balances/Imbalances.
  • How to Use Order Flow to Time Entries.
  • How to Apply to Identify Responsive and Initiative Behaviors.
  • How to Apply Volume to Identify Volume Patterns.
  • How to Correlate the Overnight and Day profiles.
  • How to Identify High Probability Opportunities.
  • How to Understand and Interpret the Daily Profile Structure.
  • How to Identify the Four Critical Phases of Market Development.
  • How to trade the Different Types of Price Developments in the Market.
  • How to identify Trends and Join them in the Early Stages.
  • How to Identify Whether Sellers or Buyers Are in Control.
  • How to Distinguish Between Initiative and Responsive Behavior in The Market.
  • How to Integrate Traditional Technical Analysis with Data.
  • How to Correlate Monthly, Weekly and Daily Profiles.
  • How to Use Techniques for Intraday and Swing Trading.
  • How to Identify When Prices Are Accepted or Rejected by The Market.
  • How to Develop Plans Based on The Profile.

Tactical Strategies for Day Trading

This NEW addition is a traditional based course providing detailed and exact trading setups to use during the developing day. You will learn analyze the market from the second it opens and have a series of tactical trading strategies in hand to take advantage of various opportunities market will present during the session. Our trade set ups will not be found in any books or copycat websites simply because they are the results of many years of market interactions and trading experiences. This program is potent, efficient and it works. You will learn to trade based on skill, market understanding and sound money management. No more guessing, hesitations or surprises. We keep the content of our program concise to the point without deceptions. We do not fluff the content of our educational materials over weeks in order to charge you thousands more. I guarantee after few hours watching our course you will tremendously improve your trading performance and master trading.

This course is all about understanding and trading the developing day. It is not based on the previous session value area, POC, etc.


  • Opening range trade
  • Importance of the first 3 time brackets
  • Value area and the initial balance
  • Failed range extensions
  • Understand price action and anticipate future market development
  • Bullish bearish ledge
  • Identify if the top or bottom of the day is in place
  • What to look for when price is outside the previous days range
  • Trading and understanding gaps
  • Identify if the high or the low of the session is in place or not
  • Stop management strategy

Supply and Demand Through Swings

This course is worth thousands of dollar based on analytical information it contains. You will be enlightened with what you will learn and will use it every day to make great trading decisions. This program tackles various aspects of supply and demand reflected through price.

At the end of this course you should:

  • Become efficient reading markets price action.
  • Be able to recognize areas with the highest probability of success to initiate trades from.
  • Be able to better identify profit areas and not cut your trades too early.
  • Be aware of market direction and trade in harmony with it. However you will also learn to anticipate change of direction and take trading advantage of it.
  • Be able to work efficiently with swing retracement and extension ratio.


  • Definition of Pivot Point. What is a pivot point, how to recognize one
  • Definition of Swing. What is a swing, how to draw or measure the right swing
  • Trend Direction and Change of Trend. Learn the correct method identifying trend changes
  • Pullbacks. Not all pull backs are the same. Learn read pull backs and anticipate price reactions
  • Swing Patterns (Covering a Total of 4 very important patterns). Vital to know this!
  • Standard Retracement Ratios and implications
  • Extension Ratios
  • Complete Retracement Theory
  • Swing Action (Covering a Total of 8 very important principles)

New Generation Trading

This is Reza Dilmaghani’s proprietary trading method. It’s an absolutely innovative, ingenious, organic method of trading. It consists of a revolutionary method of charting the markets. One, a charting method which is independent of time and purely plotted based on supply and demand balance. There is no session setting, no time frame, only continuous flow of supply and demand elegantly plotted on our chart. Two, a complete series of principles conceived to guide the trader read the charts and execute identified trade set ups. Thus far the response to this new generation approach to markets and trading has been phenomenal and people using it are extremely pleased.

When I started teach in 2007 they were only few genuine service providers teaching the concept to the public. In 2012 you have hundreds. The basic elements of MP such as value areas, POC…. Are now widely used and one day may lose their edge.

In order to stay ahead of the game, I have developed a simple yet very powerful next generation trading method and charts based on organic price action, POC, volume, price acceptance/rejection, order flow and few other things I will cover during the workshop.


  • Learn identify deadly accurate support resistance levels for any instruments within seconds using new generation charts. All support resistance levels will be based on Market development and not human interpretation.
  • Locate shift of power between buyers and sellers and get automatic and specific entry points to take advantage of it. You will never have to guess again with next generation charts.
  • Accurately locate areas of congestion and be able to tell if the congestion is accumulation or distribution. If accumulation, you will be able to position yourself before the break up and if distribution you can sell short before the break down.
  • Practice superior money management purely based of price action and not human interpretation. Let the charts be your guide.
  • Manage trending markets like never before. Amazing new method.
  • Learn to count swings and use the counts to obtain a great trading edge. All swings and swing counts will be automatically provided by the new charts.
  • Accurately interpret the location of VPOC (Volume Point of Control) to evaluate the strength or weakness of price at time.
  • Learn the POC weight lifting method to select high probability trade locations and price selection.
  • Read, interpret, time your entry based on volume and volume point of control
  • Get all valuable chart settings for Es, Gold and Crude.

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