Google Ads Playbook 2.0

Unlock The Secret System Behind Generating Over

$50 Million in Sales In The Last 12 Months.

The Google Ads Playbook is the ONLY program you'll EVER need to turn your business into a consistent revenue-generating machine - all with the power of Google Ads.

All your competitors are sprinting while you’re still stuck in the mud struggling to progress.

You start wondering where it’s going all wrong for you… what they’re doing that you’re not…

You start doubting yourself.

But the real problem you have is not a lack of effort or indiscipline.

Maybe all you need is a proven system that produces consistent revenue by monetizing the most buy-intent customers on the internet, which gives you the right foundations to scale effortlessly.

This is why I created The Google Ads Playbook.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in my past decade of experience and put it into one program.

And frankly, I do NOT believe in the “one size fits all” strategies everyone on the internet is pushing.

What works for stores that are in their fifth year in business doesn’t work for brand-new stores.

After spending more than $10,000,000 on Google Ads, I’ve managed to craft different strategies that are applicable to the situation you are in.

So whether this is your first year in business or your fifth - I’ve got you covered with a specific strategy tailored for you.

Inside this program, I will lift the curtains on these strategies I’m using to create (very good) ads for myself & my clients and show you how to pick the ideal one for your store.

You will get over-the-shoulder intense training so you know exactly what to do inside your ads manager, and we will move together step-by-step from launching your first Google Ads campaign to scaling your store.

And most importantly, you will finally be able to take control of your e-commerce business … and if you follow this program perfectly, the days of murdering your money on unprofitable ads are long gone.

But whether my expertise can help you crush your goals or not, we don't know yet. So let's find out...


  • You're an e-commerce entrepreneur who's struggling to scale at high ad spend.
  • You're an eCommerce veteran that wants to expand his horizons using the Google network.
  • You're an SEO or Lead Generation PPC agency owner that wants to branch into eCommerce.
  • You're a Facebook Ads Agency owner that wants to add a new revenue stream and offer Google ads as a service or train his staff.


  • People jump from one business idea to another every week without taking any action.
  • Anyone who wants to "get rich as quickly as possible" (that mindset won't work)
  • Anyone who wants instant results just because they joined, without putting real effort in.

Are You Currently Facing One Or More Of These Issues?

  • Never-ending increase in ad costs stopping you from being profitable.
  • iOS issues are forcing you to play the "blind goat" game while trying to scale your ads on Facebook.
  • You've reached a ceiling and can't scale any higher.
  • Your ad account is getting banned as soon as you start seeing some good traction.

Do You Have One Or More Of These Goals And You Aren't Hitting Them Yet?

  • You want to create an omnichannel presence for your brand by branching out to Google.
  • Build a solid foundation on a platform that gives you consistent sales.
  • You want to double or triple your revenue insanely fast.
  • You want to learn the right way to advertise on Google.

And much more...

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