SEO for Solopreneurs

The 80/20 SEO for Creators & Entrepreneurs

SEO promises passive recurring traffic and revenue. But the industry makes it seem like a horribly complex mix of art and science.

SEO is not that complicated. It's actually elementary if you know the few things to focus on, and the 80%+ of things to completely ignore.

I've worked in SEO for over 7 years, built a 7-figure SEO agency, and the SEO traffic pays for my entire life my sites passively generate.

I know exactly which levers you can pull as a busy solopreneur to get the maximum results within your limited time, and this course is where I share that knowledge.

What will you learn?

SEO for Solopreneurs covers everything you need to get and monetize search traffic.

  • Keyword Research
    • SEO starts with finding the right terms to target. I cover how to do this quickly & efficiently so you know how much traffic you're targeting.
  • Content Creation
    • The core of this strategy is using content to capture traffic for the terms you're targeting. I show you how to easily create SEO-optimized pieces.
  • Authority Building
    • Along with content, you need a high-authority site that Google trusts. I cover common pitfalls as well as reliable strategies for building authority.
  • Making Money
    • Traffic doesn't pay the bills. You'll learn how to turn your traffic into sales, whether creating new products or sending visitors to existing ones.

SEO for Solopreneurs Curriculum

  • Part 1: SEO Basics
    • The mindsets and mental models you need to succeed at SEO. Learn how to think like Google, what actually matters, mistakes to avoid, and why patience is so powerful.
  • Part 2: Keyword Research
    • How to do an hour or two of research that prepares you for a year of execution. Learn tricks to accelerate keyword research like auto-generating keywords and checking out your competition. And figure out what terms are worth targeting now or later.
  • Part 3: Creating Content for SEO
    • Learn how to create SEO-optimized content from your list of keywords. We cover creating articles for keywords vs. optimizing existing content, claiming your own terms, going after progressively harder keywords, and speeding it up with good tools.
  • Part 4: Building SEO Authority
    • Content alone is not enough, Google also needs to trust you. In this unit, you'll learn sustainable ways to increase your site's authority, without sending tons of "PLEASE LINK TO ME" emails. We'll cover traffic generators vs. link bait, mistakes to avoid, using podcasts & communities, dead link recovery, and doubling your presence with YouTube.
  • Part 5: Technical SEO
    • Make sure your site is technically healthy and readable by Google. You'll learn the few bits of HTML you need to be familiar with, and how to set your site up for success. You'll also learn some good user experience principles to follow to make sure people stick around on your site.
  • Part 6: Tracking & Analytics
    • Learn what to track, how to track it, and how often to look at it. And more importantly... how little to look at it! Learn how to use analytics to inform decision-making without turning into a huge time-suck.
  • Part 7: Monetization
    • Traffic doesn't put food on the table, sales do. Learn about the different ways to monetize your search traffic, focusing on ads, affiliates, and products.
  • Part 8: Making SEO-Focused Products
    • Learn how to spot product opportunities from the traffic you're already getting, and turn that traffic into passive income. We cover info products, courses, apps, and physical products, and use SEO traffic to increase sales for anything you've already made.
  • Part 9: Creating SEO Sales Funnels
    • Learn how to create a sales funnel that turns cold SEO traffic into customers. Search traffic is rarely ready to buy right away, so putting the right funnel in place can dramatically help your conversion rate.
  • Part 10: Hiring Help
    • As your site grows, learn how to hire the best help and delegate parts of your SEO strategy to them. We cover hiring writers, freelancers, and agencies to augment your work.

Nat has been working in SEO for over 7 years. His personal site,, is visited by over 250,000 people every month, primarily through SEO.

The SEO & Content Agency he founded, Growth Machine, does 7 figures a year in revenue and has helped clients like Adobe, Yelp, Brex, Four Sigmatic, Quickbooks, Kettle & Fire, and many more grow their search traffic.

And his work on SEO has been featured by TechCrunch, Shopify, Ahrefs, Mixergy, GrowthHackers, Clickminded, SEMRush, Indie Hackers, and many more.

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