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I Feel Like I Can Relax

Hi Geoff, I love the courses. For the first time in 10 years I feel like I can relax because I know where the market is. Thanks a bunch,

- Tad MarketGauge – Slingshot Setups

... Substantially Increase My Profit

Hello, Since becoming a member of Slingshots and following your other work, I have become more confident in my trading. That has allowed me to become more active, and as a result substantially increase my profit.

- Joseph M

My Has Taken A Quantum Leap

My trading has taken a quantum leap since I started - especially with Slingshots. Looking forward to Triple Plays. Thanks.

- Peter L

Your Service Seems To Be The Exception To The Rule

I just wanted to let you know that I have been tracking your picks for the last four weeks and am very pleased with the results. I get so many notices about this service or that service and they promise and promise but never deliver. I am a healthy skeptic so I put things to a test. I am not an expert but rather a simple common sense type of trader. I use the KISS method which stands for Keep It Simple Sweetheart. Over the last four weeks your service seems to be the exception to the rule from what I have experienced.

I am a swing trader which means I like to make trades in the range of 2 trading days to 20 trading days. I like to set it and forget it which means I use limit orders for entry, proper stops, and target orders to take automatic profits. I also use the two day back trailing stop after the trade goes in my direction to lock in profits without emotion. I am writing this to let you know that I am very impressed so far with your market gauge service. Keep up the good work and you will have a customer for a very long time. Thanks,

- Joe T


Your trades could very easily be growing your portfolio ON THE SAME DAY YOU MAKE THEM.

"Slingshot Setups" shows you how to identify several trades that are ready to move big.

Simplify Your Trading

Every evening we'll give you a list of 'big movers' that could deliver quick profit straight to your portfolio BY THE END OF THE NEXT TRADING DAY!

Trading based on patterns creates a high probability for positive returns because patterns telegraph the next moves of the market. However, recognizing the patterns, what they mean, and what effect they'll have on your portfolio isn't enough if you're not sure what to do.

We'll Give You The Strategies You Need

MarketGauge – Slingshot Setups

Once a pattern is identified, there are specific setups you can initiate to reduce your risk and increase your chances of scoring big profits... even on the same day you make the trade.

What are "Slingshot Setups"?

We call them "Slingshots" because they lead to quick bursts in price action, and they include more than just patterns - that's why we call them "Setups".

Slingshot Setups is an online streaming video training course designed to give you trading rules that you can adopt or adapt into your own system of trading. We show you 'Exact' entry points, stops, targets and trailing profit-taking exits... everything you need to score BIG in the markets is included.

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