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Take the concepts and methodology of 's top traders to the Cryptocurrency Market. This 12 Lesson series provides insight into the basics of the Cryptocurrency market and the technical tools required to get started. Learn how to trade this emerging market using proven strategies and technical analysis.


, known to traders across the globe as the FX CHIEF, is an elite Forex trader and the author of best-sellers such as “The Forex Mindset” and “The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading.”

A pioneer in the use of the golden Fibonacci ratio in financial markets, FX CHIEF truly believes trading should be simple. That's why his signature trading style involves unique strategies for using the naturally occurring Fibonacci phenomena to easily predict profitable market movements BEFORE they happen.

Now a 30+ year trading veteran, Jared has made it his mission to help other traders learn. His expertise in the investment field has garnered attention from CNN, Stocks and Commodities magazine, and Active Trader.

As founder of , today Jared is the mentor to over 30,000 clients.


Lesson 1: Getting Started with Cryptocurrencies

Start forming positive habits for trading success right from the start. Get a top-to-bottom overview of cryptocurrency trading, and the essential knowledge you need to enter the market with confidence. See what sets the digital currency market apart from every other investment venue, and simple strategies for picking trades with the highest winning percentage.

Lesson 2: Spotting Candlestick Formations

Learn proven and time-tested strategies for reading Japanese candlesticks. Candlesticks are the universal language of the market and their patterns and wicks, will help you predict where the market will be moving next. You’ll learn simple strategies for knowing where to place your stop-losses and profit limits.

Lesson 3: Finding Market Direction in the Crypto Market

A proper understanding of trends and trendlines is crucial to finding ideal entry and exit points for your trades. Plus, trendlines can help you find support or resistance in the market-- and your next opportunity to earn. Learn to use trendlines to locate buy and sell zones, determine whether the market is going up or down, and identify trades with a high winning percentage.

Lesson 4: Identifying Levels of Support and Resistance

Reading support and resistance levels are keys to managing your risks and evaluating market conditions, so you can make educated trading decisions. In this lesson, you’ll learn to identify key entry and exit points, predict a market reversal, and spot hidden patterns to read market trends.

Lesson 5: Spotting Crypto Rallies and Retractments

The mysterious of market trends can be revealed using a natural phenomena that applies to virtually everything… Including the cryptocurrency market. Get the lowdown on trading trends and their relationship to the market, and learn how you can read the market and find opportunities to profit.

Lesson 6: Preservation of Capital

Whether you're a scalper or a swing trader, without proper equity management trading successfully is almost impossible. Learn to minimize your risk and maximize your drawdowns. In this lesson, see how to place a protective stop loss, preserve your capital, properly plan a trade, and keep fear and greed from controlling your investment decisions.

Lesson 7: Understanding Volume and Volatility

Changing investor sentiments can lead to major market volatility... And volatility means an opportunity for you to earn. Success is a formula; one that can easily be repeated if you know the right moves. You’re starting to see that now. If you know how to use that volatility along with your analysis-- and properly prepare your portfolio for periods of major market volatility-- you’ll have a chance at achieving true trading success.

Lesson 8: Range Trading the Crypto Market

This lesson will explore the three main trading sessions that occur every weekday, and teach active zones and dead zones in daily trading ranges to help you take advantage of market volatility. We'll also cover trading days versus trending days, so you can see how anticipated market movements can affect your day-to-day trades.

Lesson 9: Advanced Crypto Pattern Recognition

With advanced analysis, there’s no need to guess about market movement or wait for an announcement to spark market activity; get ready to trade with the information you need right at your fingertips. Optimize your analysis with expert strategies and tools, and learn important indicators that can help you find reversal patterns in the live market before they happen.

Lesson 10: The Dreaded Crypto Reversal

Learn to take advantage of the market, instead of letting the market take advantage of you! Knowing how to spot important market formations is key to finding major profit opportunities by getting in on the first wave of a reversal. This lesson focuses on using reversal patterns to find profit potential before the market moves.

Lesson 11: How Time Frames Affect Your Trading Style

Whether you’re a swing trader, a scalper, or looking for long-term trades, you need the low-down on timeframes to earn the big bucks. Learn to identify trading opportunities using strategies suited to you. Choose the proper time frame to analyze almost any trade, and apply your learning education to the live market.

Lesson 12: Trading the Crypto Market in 3 Steps

In this lesson, learn our expert 3 step strategy to start trading the crypto market, and spot important market patterns. Plus, see how you can use advanced trading tools and technology to easily find take-profit signals, and stop missing opportunities to earn.

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