KeyStone - 101 Course

EquityTrader 101

17 chapters totaling 40 hours of material.

Your dream of becoming a professional trader is closer than you think.

Whether you are new to short term trading or have some experience, ET 101 delivers real world techniques you can apply immediately. You will have a complete plan to place trades that will last from five minutes to five days.

The Truth

Trading the stock market is not easy; however, most people will make it much more difficult than it needs to be. The truth is; no one can predict what is going to happen next. The reality is that in order to make consistent profits trading the markets you do not need to predict where the stock is going to move next, instead, you need to know what you are going to do next. You need to have a plan!

Professional traders understand that in order to have an edge, they must be well prepared, but more importantly they realize they need to maintain their discipline to follow their plan in order to generate their monthly income.

Trading with a plan

  • Consistent profitability in trading begins with a plan.
  • All of the largest brokerage firms on Wall Street live by this rule. It is for this reason; their traders are all put through a rigorous training program before they allow them to trade the firm’s capital. They are taught a trading system or methodology before ever allocating them a dollar of capital to trade.
  • Over 90% of the individuals who enter this business of trading for a living do not have a written plan of action. This is the number 1 reason why so many people fail.
  • It is very hard to follow a plan if you don't have one!
  • If you are trading right now; or just thinking about getting started, ask yourself: Do I have a detailed plan committed to paper that will allow me to compete as a professional?

Equity Trader 101 is a complete business plan; a simple, but powerful system for earning a living as a professional trader. During these 3 days of intense training, you will learn a complete trading system in order to take profits from the market on a daily basis. The first two days are learning the trading plan and the third day is live trading of a Keystone account by the instructor and the students.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Determine within the first fifteen minutes of the trading day if large institutions are involved in your stock today and how to profit from it. 
  • How to analyze any stock and to determine immediately if there is a high probability profit opportunity in front of you. 
  • How to hold winning trades and maximize profits using market internals.
  • Interpret the major market indices like a pro using two simple set ups and learn when you should NOT buy new highs or short new lows.
  • Recognize the one unique situation where you should use maximum leverage.
  • How to build a position; and add to a profitable one, just like a hedge fund would.
  • Develop a winning trader mindset; and move effortlessly from one trade to the next.
  • Read time and sales like an "old school" tape reader to increase profits on every trade.
  • How to route your orders properly so that it is possible that you net more money than you actually grossed for the day!
  • Learn the only three candlestick patterns you need to know to make money.
  • Find out how Volume will start, end or confirm a move and how to spot these valuable clues.
  • Why most Level 2 trading techniques are no longer valid and how to properly read the tape in NYSE stocks with the new Hybrid executions.
  • How to truly accept the risk on every trade so that you never hesitate to execute a predetermined stop loss.

Benefits of 101 

  • No experience is necessary to understand and make money with the plan
  • Follow up support will always be available
  • No complex indicators are used, just simple easy to spot chart set ups
  • Minimizing risk and preserving your capital is a priority in the plan
  • You will always know which stocks to trade for the easiest money
  • Increase your monthly income significantly with very little stress
  • Completely understand how the market works so you can manage your investments like a professional
  • Investing in yourself and a trading education will last you a lifetime.
  • No need to spend frustrating years trying to develop a system that works.

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