John Locke – Options Trading Strategy

The options trading strategy is a non-overlapping, bullish bias, Broken Wing Butterfly trade on the Russell. It performs best in lower IV and up trending markets. The is usually a 30-day trade and is fairly simple.

The market changes in 2020 created an opportunity to trade this strategy short-term and we have added a lesson to teach that in this course!

This trade was designed to address the following concerns that students had with our most popular strategy the M3 trading system:

  • Easily traded with small accounts ($3,500 minimum)
  • No trade overlap
  • Fewer adjustments
  • A more defined rule structure
  • Better performance in up-trending markets
  • Better performance in down/up whipsaws
  • Minimal sensitivity to analytical software

The course content is over 6 hours and includes:

Class 1 – The Trade

  • What is the & how is it different from the classic M3 trading system
  • The backtested performance of the trade
  • The compared to the M3
  • Basic trade description
  • Entry guidelines, adjustments, and exits

Class 2 – Optional Put Protection

  • Put protected holding position
  • General downside protection
  • Examples of the trading strategy
  • Questions answered from Class 1

Class 3 – Combining with M3, Bearish Butterfly, and Rock

  • SPX long-term trend indicator
  • Optimal trade environments for the V32, M3, Bearish Butterfly, and the ROCK Trading System
  • Combining V32 with M3, Bearish Butterfly, and the Rock trades

Class 4 – Examples of Combining with M3, Bearish Butterfly, and Rock

  • Converting a to a V32
  • Converting an M3 to a V32
  • Choosing the appropriate trade to enter based on market conditions
  • Examples of combining trading strategies

Bonus 2020 Video

  • Explanation of the procedure we are using on Trading For Income real-time trades
  • Explanation of how to trade a 30DTE fixed entry variation of V32
  • 2019/2020 market conditions and IV skew changes
  • 30 DTE entry examples

Short-term Trade Bonus Video

  • Trading short term using variable entry date option
  • Discussion about opportunities in 2021 IV skew environment
  • Explanation of short term entry procedure
  • Planned capital reduction recommendations for close to expiration trading
  • Risks when consistently trading close to expiration
  • Examples trading short term with detailed explanation of recommended guideline modifications
  • Capital considerations for continuous reset entries
  • Explanation of P/L graph for 68% return in first 4 months of 2021

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