John Dace - Harmonically with the Universe

Trading Harmonically With The Universe!

Video series by Jace (John Jace), of Harmonically yahoo astro group.

2006 Fall Equinox video series.

Multi DVD set, 6 folders with 2 videos each.

Trading Harmonically With The Universe

Unique, Like nothing for Traders ever Released before!

1000's of hours of Research, Shave 5 years--or more--off Learning Curve.

"For Passionate, Dedicated Traders Only".

Continuous Educational "Invite Only" Forums geared specifically For DVD Owners.

Advanced Equinox Fall DVD .......

This program is the definitive guide to Vibration, Gann's Laws of

Vibration as he and Faraday called it.

The True Secret and connection to Price in all Markets...

This alone is a Key Secret that after a lifetime of trading one might

never see and Understand.

Concepts include

Forecasting, Why Forecast using Cycles? Forecasting….Price & Time, The Key Secret of Forecasting, How do we "see" Cycles to Trade them for Profit, Does it work in all Markets? Yes! Understanding Harmonics,

My revolutionary Harmonic Financial Astrology Approach, Coordinate Systems, Concept of Symmetry, Platonic Solids, Great Circles, Historic Correlation Proofs, Geometry of Time, Earth Jupiter Pairings, Numerology, The Planet that controls Major Moves, The Ruler of the S&P, How do I trade the Moon Tomorrow?

Learn the Most Predictive Method to Forecast Support & Resistance in the Future! One of the Daily Rulers of the Markets, Cosmic Ping-Pong, Rules, Determining the most Profitable Trades! How Cycles define your stops, On What Cycles do I take Profits? Preparing for tomorrow, the Strongest Cycle of the Day,

The Key is finding Significance!, Language of the Planets to the Markets!

Critical Degrees, The Magic of Nines, The Egyptian Secret Star, Solar Cycles,

Astronomical Functions for Intraday also apply's to Swing Trading, Time concepts,

Laws of Vibration Intraday, Special" Intraday Timing to the minute" Mysteries of the Universe, Tetrahedrons, Planets are Time, The Planet that rules Energy, The Trinity Concept* ,Timing effects of the Moon, Uncovering the Tangent Angle,

The Asteroid belt the most important revelation, Using the Lunar Phase Angle to trade Price, The Billionaire Aspect, The Single most consistent & powerful Cycle to Trade, Why Cycles affect markets Differently? Understand the Prep for tomorrow,

And Much More! Price Correlation like you have never seen it!

In the Series is the: Winter Solstice Solar Cycles Swings.

This has been a highly requested DVD for traders seeking an edge on Swing Trading,

Solar Cycles as it applies to Swings , Winning with Swings,

How CycleEnergy works! Confluence is the closest we get to the Holy Grail,

The Big Picture, Astronomy Functions and Astrology concepts to Swings,

Cause and Effect, Great Option Trades using Big Cycles , A Century View,

Some Historic Highs & Lows, Preparing the Year, Month, and Week.

The Daily the most accurate Swings to Forecast, Cycle Periodicity,

Major types of Cycles that impact Swing Trading, other Cycles to understand,

Price & Time Geometry for Swing Traders, Declination Equivalents, Harmonic Geometry, Time Counts, The Ecliptic vs the Equatorial Cycles, Seasonal dates, Putting it all together

for the best results and most Profits. The Power of Signs, Conjunctions and Second Harmonic Power, Planetary Motions, Seeing them in Price,

Mercury Speeds,15* degrees Concept, Spherical power a hidden Gem,

Planetary configurations, Sidereal approaches, Equatorial systems,

Phi Spirals, the Galactic Center, Forecasting, Helio Geometry, eclipses,

Major Nodal Cycles for the Year, Major Astronomical Functions, Mercury's many Cycles, How to see & trade them,Stelliums,The Supers,Bigs,Mids all for Swing Trading, Planetary Speed Lines the Hidden Tangent and much more!

Advanced Intraday using Solar Cycles

Trading to the Minute Concepts, in Harmony with the Universe !

What are Solar Cycles, types of Cycles that move the Markets, Getting in sinc to trade, Price and Time Vibration Intraday, Declinations more important then longitudes, How to trade them Intraday, Power & wonder of the Moon intraday as a Key Timer, Rulerships, how to use them, FAQ's,

Ephemeris, Using Midpoints Intraday to the minute, The Lunation Cycle

Gann's 1908 Best Discovery! Asteroids, Aries point, Numerology Intraday,

Globex the Pre-open, Backtesting, Simplify Astro, Node Cycles the Highest Probability Cycles there are! Ingresses, Sign Meanings, Day Rulers Planetary Hours, Intraday Parallels and Contraparallels, Key Astro, Planetary Hours

Price Geometry Intraday, Time Geometry Intraday, Yin Yang Energies, How to see Cycles, Sunrise divisions, Diurnal Cycles, Cycles at the Open High Probability first Trades, Finding the strongest Cycle of the Day, This Beginning and Ending Concept! worth the DVDs alone, Vibrational Cycles, Using 1 minute Charts, Cycles define stops, Entries based on powerful Cycles & Targets using Cycles,

How exact can it be? , the Sun & Moon Intraday, Geometry of Energy Points, Language of the Planets.

Bayer's rules the ones that work! Formulas, 1440 Divisions, 405 Divisions,

Moon- Saturn Intraday connection, Speeds of Planets as a factor, and much more!

Keys to the Capstone.

This is an extremely Popular & Powerful DVD Set because never before has anyone taught

Step by Step the Process of Cycles understanding with formulas & actual samples and visuals of many thoughts in Astro Cycle process.

Wheels, Zodiacs, lists, Great Circles. Natural Divisions of the Year, Magnetic Forces, Draconic, The setups, Declinations how to trade them and convert them to Price which is key!

Midpoints, Orb concepts and settings, Conversion of Longitude Minutes to decimals a Key Conversion, Sidereal Cycles, Lahiri Zodiac & why,

Latitudes and how to use & trade them, Actual Critical Degrees, Lots of Moon applications 6 cycles of importance and How to Trade them, The Crosses All the Crosses, Lunar Phase Angles, The turning Mechanism of the Universe, Supers Bigs and Mid Cycles and Why, Sacred Harmonic Geometry, Harmonics that work, Key divisions of Aspects, More Astronomical Functions, polarities, Nodal Cycles, Galactic Center, Fixed star concepts,

Declination Equivalents, How to trade & "see " these. Zodiac Sine wave Concept, Hierarchy of Cycles Periodicity of Cycles, Focus Planet concept

Time Counts, Price Counts, Out of Bounds Concept, Setting up your Monthly Weekly and Daily Views, The Language of the Markets, Aspect Meanings Unique 2 years to Create Advanced Coordinate Systems, Right Ascension Meanings, Nodal cycles, Putting it all together , The setups.

Some advanced Charts and More! Only available to Full set Owners.

Timing Secrets of the Fourth Dimension

This DVD focus is pure Time to the Minute,

Why markets turn to time?

What is the basic cause that creates Time turns in the Intraday


All time is measured by the Sun ,.. How to use the Sun for Timing!

Ancient Time measurement divisions, Using Julian time,

Cycles are Perfect time!

The Earth Rotation and its effects to time,

The Great Circles and how time is generated Intraday off these

Critical Intersections,

4 Dimensional Time Chess Board

Time Geometry.

Energy Points..

Time and Space.

Mayan Time and application, an Introduction

The Pentagram and Ptolemaic Solids and Time.

Solar time

The 5 Moon Cycles connected to Time.

Connecting Planetary Motion to Time and how to trade it!

Sidereal Time..

Setting up Time to "See and to Trade"

Time as an Organic & Dynamic System

Accuracy of Time to within 1-3 Minutes is Possible

The Power of Confluent Time.

Why Time Counts !

Timing is everthing!

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