Jeffry Putnam – Beating The Lessons

This system is so easy anyone can do it… and many people are. It doesn’t matter if the stock market is going up or down. My system will teach you how to make a pile of cash quickly… again and again… and spend only 15 minutes a day doing it.

So let’s start by taking a look at some recent stock picks… then I’ll show you how to find more… and about the 7 Free Bonuses (valued at over $350.00) you’ll get when you order my system!

Here is a sample of some stock picks that I’ve found recently!

Take a look at the stock chart below and I’ll give you a clue about how I found them. The numbered bars below are called Reversal Bars. Bars like these are well-known by master traders. They commonly show up just before stocks begin to reverse their current direction and briefly surge back in the opposite direction. Each of the numbered bars below produced double-digit profits in just two days (bars one and two were both 30+ percent gainers). Many of the stock options on these picks more than doubled in value. Bet you wish you had been in on these plays!

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