Why Do You Need This?
FREE. ORGANIC. TRAFFIC. Success comes when your revenues are greater than your expenses (aka you start making profit).
The easiest way to achieve this is to get free traffic. Why? Because it’s free. The easiest way to free traffic? Ranking in Google.
This, of course, is a simplified explanation. Ranking in Google comes with challenges, but we’ll show you exactly how to get it done.

Modules that cover Ranking in Google:
Keywords – Basic
Keywords – Advanced
Creating Affiliate Content
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO
Advanced Backlinks


Why Do You Need This –
Getting traffic is the first part, but having traffic alone does not amount to a successful business. You need to convert at least part of your audience into buyers to make money.
As you can probably figure out, the greater the conversions the better.
This will come down to the actual content on your pages, the value you provide, how your articles are internally linked to direct visitors to money pages, and following up with visitors via email and retargeting.
– Modules that will help you convert visitors into buyers:
– Creating Affiliate Content
On-Page SEO
Email Marketing
Paid Traffic


Why Do You Need This –
One of the hardest things you’ll find in the affiliate game is finding return visitors. Especially in our model of affiliate SEO, it’s not always easy to dominate every search term and niche.
That’s why we’ve put together the following modules for you. This will help you turn a niche site into an authority site by utilizing all the tactics of email marketing and paid ads to re-engage your audience and bring them straight back to your domain.
It’s important build an email list because you can get traffic back to your site for free. Yes, SEO is essentially free but it takes time for you to rank and it’s not on-demand. Whereas email marketing and paid ads allow you to press a button and let the floodgates come in.


Why Do You Need This –
Many affiliates know the pieces that make up success. The challenge is seeing the bigger picture, staying motivated, and not getting stuck in the weeds.
This course puts it all together in a way that is manageable, sustainable, and makes sense.
PLUS, this method is based off of tested procedures that have helped us and hundreds of others succeed.
– Modules that cover the Big Picture:
– How To Use This Course
Understanding Affiliate Marketing
Growing The Site
Learn Our Strategy

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