How To Build Your Own Home  – Self-Managed Package by Keith Kelsch

What You Get

  • Access to 45+ checklists through the construction process that is meant to help you organize, schedule, check for quality, and catch things easily overlooked or forgotten. They're fully accessible online and downloadable to print and add to your to-do clipboard. As soon as you're ready for the next phase, the next checklist is ready for you. Here is a sample of the first 15 checklists you will get.
    1. Home Site Selection Checklist
    2. Pre-inspection Checklist
    3. Most Common Inspections Checklist
    4. Preliminary Design Checklist
    5. Architectural Design Checklist
    6. Electrical for Plan Checklist
    7. Structural Engineering Checklist
    8. Additional Engineering Checklist
    9. Roof Truss Selection Checklist
    10. Floor Joist Selection Checklist
    11. Dormer Selection Checklist
    12. Budgeting Checklist
    13. Permit Checklist
    14. Pre-construction Checklist
    15. Site-preparation Checklist
    16. Utility Line Checklist
    17. Framing Checklist (wood subfloor)
    18. Framing Checklist (walls)
    19. Framing Checklist (roofs)
    20. Framing Checklist (decks and misc.)
    21. Roof Dry in Checklist
    22. Rood Recommendation
    23. Exterior Windows and Doors Checklist
    24. Rough Plumbing Checklist
    25. Rough Electrical Checklist
    26. Rough HVAC Checklist
    27. Gas Line Checklist
    28. Stop and Frisk Checklist
    29. Exterior Stucco Checklist
    30. Exterior Siding Checklist
    31. Exterior Brick and Rock Checklist
    32. Roofing Install Checklist
    33. Insulation Checklist
    34. Pre-Drywall Checklist
    35. Plus several more checklists
  • Access to a proven budget in excel format used in the build of over 100 homes and designed for lenders and banks. This budget has been designed to follow the construction process.
  • Draw Sheets to keep each draw request organized plus a sub-contractor agreement in Word format that you can edit to fit your needs.
  • A Master Flow Chart to see the entire process as a quick reference. It was designed to fit slab on grade, stem wall, and basement foundations.
  • Online training on how to create a binder, how to fill out forms, how to gather proof of insurance/licensure and lien releases from subcontractors. We explain what is a state construction registry if you have one, plus the basics of lining out daily work in order to maintain a schedule and more.
  • Training on how to get and select bids, organize invoices, and track major areas in the budget. The system is designed to track in paper format (no complex technology or accounting practices) the four major areas - excavation, concrete, lumber/framing packages, and framing labor.
  • Video instruction for every phase of construction - from initial concept to completion.
  • Discounts through supply houses and sponsors as they surface. Through his contractor access, the instructor has secured contractor pricing for various materials, including roofing, flooring, lighting packages, and more as they surface.
  • Contact referral to my engineer who is licensed in 39 states and growing. He has 20 years of experience in engineering residential construction. Many students have used him and saved him. We are working on building a contact list for traveling laborers in some categories as well.
  • As the program grows throughout the nation, you will have access to a growing referral network of fellow Owner Builders. Right now we have owner builders in the program building in Idaho, Oregon, California, Virginia, Utah, Canada, the UK, and growing. We plan to have all owner builder plans accessible for sale through their local architect or draft person.

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