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Course Overview

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This G7FX Fundamentals course is designed to help you learn fundamental analysis and the basics of technical analysis. The goal of this course is to teach you the basics of chart reading and interpreting charts and then to show you how to apply that knowledge to develop your own unique trading style.

By joining the G7FX Fundamentals course, each retail trader can get better on their trading journey. The knowledge gained from the course – such as stock prices, exchange volumes, and economic indicators – can help them quickly apply to different markets.

The G7FX Fundamentals course will take you step by step through the process of constructing your own unique custom-built fundamental analysis data dashboard. You will be taught step by step how to design it from the ground up and, even more importantly, how to read it like a true Elite Trader. This personalized Dashboard will serve as the hub for all of your trading analysis.

Course outline

The G7FX Fundamentals course shows you the trading knowledge and skills via these in-depth materials below:

  • Part 1 – The Full Custom Build: Learn to build your own Fundamental Analysis Dashboard
    • Module 1: G7FX Fundamentals Dashboard
    • Module 2: G7FX Custom Data Warehouse Build from Scratch (Part A)
    • Module 3: G7FX Custom Data Warehouse Build from Scratch (Part B)
    • Module 4: Keeping Ahead of the Curve
  • Part 2 – The Application: Start Implementing the Power of Fundamental Analysis in Your Trading
    • Module 5: Developing Deep Macro Understanding
    • Module 6: The Federal Reserve (FOMC)
    • Module 7: Bringing it Together

What will you learn

In the G7FX Fundamentals course, online traders can learn:

  • The ability to create a great bespoke data warehouse with not just extremely accurate data but also the correct data.
  • Ability to create graphs that make viewing data extremely simple and effective.
  • The ability to read data and then apply it easily while studying the market.
  • Understanding of how to correctly read Fundamental and Macro data.

Who is this course for?

The G7FX Fundamentals course is ideal for:

  • Those who want to improve their knowledge and skills in fundamentals analysis and its roles in delivering a highly profitable trading edge.
  • Those who want to improve their skills in reading trading data.
  • Those who want to focus on Fundamental and Macro data while analyzing the market.

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