Eye Opening Fx – Advanced Premium Course

With a goal to bring Pure education to those who desire true focused trading education at a high quality yet with affordability and no Monthly fees, Eyes Opening FX was Birthed We are committed to the progress and profitability of our students and have produced one of the best educational platforms on the market.

Month 1

1. 1 , Asia range and cbdr range
2. How to understand time frame difference+session for trading
3. 1
4. Sponsorship candle + swing high and low and how to understand manipulation in smart money ways
5. 2
6. Momentum impulse and corrective move

Month 2

1.Liquidity 1 Zone of interest understanding
2. Supply and demand ( rally base drop, drop base drop, rally base rally, and drop base rally)
3. Mitigation of zones and market structure 3
4. Liquidity and trapping /
News effect

Month 3

1. Effort, harmony and result
2. Volume/shortage of liquidity
3. Understanding of Accomulation schematics and distribution schematics
4. Understanding all types of Redistribution and re-accomulation
5. Understanding 6 types of ps/Psy
6. Wyckoff market structure
7. Risk management 2 and RISK REWARD RATIO
8. How to read candles
9.a. Important of time
   b. in explaining each schematics, weekly daily range

Month 4

1. Psychology
2. Students strength test
3. Top down analysis
4. How to stick with 5pips sl

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