Depesh Mandalia – The FAATT Framework

Section 1: The Tracking Trinity

Give more data so you can reach customers more profitably.

  • Turbo-charge Your Browser Pixel: Most advertisers don’t set up the pixel properly which leads to poor retargeting and higher CPMs…
  • Website Booster: Use this under-used trick to bypass iOS14.5+ issues and find better quality audiences to boost your targeting
  • Optimize Your Server Pixel (CAPI): Get your Conversion API game in shape and maximize your results on with enhanced tracking and reporting.
  • Plug the CAPI gaps: data gaps lead to lost audiences for your campaigns and bad data in your reporting – we’ll show how to fix this.
  • AEM (Aggregated Events Manager) insights: think you know enough about domain setup and events? Get this wrong and you’ll LEAK data and waste money.
  • Introduce Offline Conversions: Our secret sauce to enhance reporting accuracy to bypass iOS14.5+ restrictions and bring back the good days of breakdown data!
  • ​Offline Conversion Case Study: See how we scaled to $200k/m spend using The FAATT Framework

Section 2: The Attribution Trinity

Make better decisions with better data to confidently profit & scale.

  • Facebook Tune-up: Stitch data between and so you can build new insights and opportunities.
  • Google Analytics (GA) Boost-up: Set up your analytics, link them to Facebook, and optimize your campaigns using more data than alone.
  • FREE GA Insights Report: Install this free template into GA so you can analyze your ad campaigns outside of – and see even more data to make better decisions on budget spending and performance.
  • Full Funnel Click-Spy: See exactly which ads or campaigns people interact with before they buy, from the first click to the last!
  • Attribution Simplified: Remove the guesswork and see exactly how much each of your channels is contributing to sales.
  • Ecommerce Product path: See which products people ultimately buy after clicking your ads – so you can optimize every click they make in the funnel.
  • Shopify + GA + FB Hack: Use this little-known method if you’re using Shopify to spy on what people are buying in your store to link back to the exact ad that’s generating clicks plus more!

Section 3: Bonus Items

  • Free Automation Swipes: Want to send improved data to automatically? Copy and paste our swipes to quickly set this up using Zapier
  • Retargeting Fix Up: Struggled with retargeting since iOS14.5+ was released? Change your strategy and reach more people using these little-known tricks!
  • Better Audience Targeting: See how we bypass iOS14.5+ audience/retargeting issues using these audience workarounds to reach more people!
  • Attribution 101: Watch an ELITE coaching video where I break down and simplify attribution using the global game of Football (/Soccer)!
  • FAATT Q&A Call: Free access to a 90-min Q&A call with me covering your additional questions for your future reference.

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