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How YOU Can Increase Your Profits With A System That Works In Any Market, In Any Time Frame.

Discover what most forex, stocks, futures and options (both part and full time) traders will never know about trading – critical trading techniques when you consider the current market volatility to increase your trading profit.

From: – Dip Fin.
Professional Trader, Author and Coach.

Dear Friend,

Have you ever seen a website selling a trading system that sounded too good to be true? I often wonder if the people selling these courses are actually making money through trading or if they’re simply in the business of selling courses.

Have you ever purchased a trading system only to find that it didn’t quite suit your risk level, time available and/or trading float? Chances are you’ve purchased one of these grey or even black box systems at least once – I know I have.

Have you ever placed a trade and seen the market move almost immediately in the opposite direction?When this happens, it almost feels like the market knows you’ve purchased and decided to move against you.

If any of these situations sound familiar – you’re just like me. Well actually, I might have taken it one step further in my search for the holy grail of trading.

I’ve struggled for many years and spent many sleepless nights toiling away “in the dark” in my system testing lab like a mad scientist. Overall, I`ve had a lot more systems that were “losers” than “winners.”

But today, almost every trading system I design is profitable. Why? Because I follow a step-by-step methodology that I learned from my trading coach.

Now, I am not saying this to boast or brag, but many people buy into the “Holy Grail” nonsense. This form of thinking will just hold you back. In the same way, I want you to
stop messing with the “losers.” They are a complete and utter waste of time and money.

Like me, you may have been guilty of this in the past. Maybe you are doing it right now. If you are, then stick with me. I am going to share with you far better and more effective
ways to design profitable trading systems. I am just sick and tired of all the nonsense that`s going around.

So what was my turning point?

Around 7 years ago now, I was introduced to a trader unlike anyone I had ever studied. At first I thought this guy was a natural – I mean, he seems to make money no matter what the market conditions are (even in the current climate).

I’m of course referring to Stuart McPhee (featured in the video at the top of this page).

I was lucky enough to be personally coached by Stuart and, upon closer inspection, his talent wasn’t so much innate as it was learned while serving as an exchange instructor with the US Army in El Paso, Texas.

I believe his 10 years in the army not only gave Stuart a rock solid discipline which he uses to extract non-stop trading profits from the market but it’s also directly responsible for his ability to teach these methods to others.
Let’s take a look at everything that’s in the course.

DVD #1 – The Mindset

Here’s some of the things you’ll discover on my trading DVD 1.

  • The 3M’s of trading – without just one of these components you’re guaranteed to fail (see it at 3:40)
  • The proof that great traders a made, not born. Finally you will have the proof you need that you’re not chasing a pipe dream – you too can be a successful trader (see it at 6:58)
  • What is the Endowment theory and why is it critical in understanding the markets. (see it at 36:33)
  • Exactly how YOU can get a trading edge in any market you trade (see it at 34.24)
  • Why most traders fail and the precise steps you must take to be one of those few who don’t(see it at 47:13)
  • What’s the single most important reason you MUST have a trading plan? Not 1 in a 100 traders knows the answer but this could be the key to your trading success. (see it at 1:13:00)
  • The only 2 points at which you have control over the markets – learn to only focus on what’s within your control(see it below)

DVD #2 – The Method

Here’s some of the things you’ll discover on the DVD 2. 

  • What is the greatest trading book of all time and how to apply its biggest lesson(see it at 5:00)
  • How to chose a system that suits you – 80% of all traders get this wrong and fail as a result(see it at 7:50)
  • What do real traders make – you need a realistic expectation when you first start trading. Are you setting your sights too low?(see it at 12:50)
  • Learn how a new trader dominated the forex within weeks and why he is the exception to the rule (see it at 46:30)
  • What is the biggest hurdle new trader’s face. Hint: it has nothing to do your mindset, psyche or discipline(see it at 48:00)
  • The only 2 styles of trading – it doesn’t matter what market you trade, you must pick one or fail (see it at 51:00)
  • Why you can’t daytrade with a small float – this is the single biggest reason most daytraders go broke (see it at 55:30)
  • How YOU can identify low risk trends guaranteed to turn a profit – critical advice for all traders(see it at 57:00)
  • The most important part of any trading system – spend most of your time focusing on this key area and you’re setting yourself up for success(see it at 1:08:00)
  • Which is better: technical or fundamental analysis – find the answer you’ve been looking for(see it at 1:13:00)

DVD #3 – The Method II & Mindset II

Here’s some of the things you’ll discover on trading DVD 3. 

  • Exact entry rules YOU can use to identify high probability, low risk trades (see it at 2:30)
  • The simple rule of “v” and why you should obey it at all times (see it below)
  • How to use the weight of the evidence matrix as your secret weapon (see it at 10:00)
  • When is watching an instrument’s volume critical and when should you ignore it – knowing this can save you loads of time(see it at 14:00)
  • Is price really an important factor when trading – have you been putting too much importance on price data and hurting your profits?(see it at 17:00)
  • How to analyse the risk profile of any trading instrument – you’ll instantly feel more relaxed when you know what you’re risking(see it at 27:35)
  • How to time your entry. Every trading system needs a good entry – learn the best proven methods (see it at 30:00)
  • What charting patterns put the odds in your favour – some patterns are as good as gold, while other are a waste of time. Have you got it right? (see it at 41:00)
  • Why using too many indicators will kill your trading profits. Most new traders get this wrong – have you? (see it at 50:00)
  • How to find the best performing stocks in the best performing sectors – this sector analysis strategy alone is worth your entire investment in this course (see it at 51:40)
  • The biggest trading secret Stuart learnt while serving over 10 years in the Australian and US armies– I can almost guarantee you haven’t got this right (see it at 1:01:00)
  • The holy grail of trading – it does exist but it’s just not what you think (see it at 1:08:56)
  • What’s the difference between retirement trading and shorter term, more aggressive trading – mix this up and you’re sure to fail (see it at 1:43:00)
  • How the speed of implementation will affect your success in the market. All top performing individuals in their selected fields know it – and now you will too (see it below)

DVD #4 – The Money

Here’s some of the things you’ll discover on trading DVD 4. 

  • How to lose more times that you win and still make huge profits – the art of excellent money management (see it at 2:00)
  • What should your primary objective of trading be – I can almost guarantee you have this wrong(see it at 5:40)
  • The importance of volatility when managing your risk – absolutely critical information you must know(see it at 11:32)
  • Precise rules for where YOU should place stops to avoid them being taken out by devious traders looking to steal your cash (see it at 15:00)
  • 3 methods for setting stops. Choose just one and drop it into your trading plan – it couldn’t be easier (see it at 18:00)
  • How to set your maximum loss and why you must never risk a penny more(see it at 35:00)
  • The simple formula for calculating your position size – guaranteed to ensure you never exceed your maximum loss (see it at 42:00)
  • How to let your profits run while not setting a trailing stop too tight that you’re whipsawed in and out of trades. This is the single biggest problem area for all traders learn the secrets (see it at 46:00)
  • We debunk the myth, “you can never go broke taking a profit” – you can! (see it at 48:00)
  • How long should it take you to monitor your trades – don’t spend a minute more on your trading than you have to(see it at 1:00:00)
  • What’s the common element among all successful traders – you could copycat this idea if only you knew what it was (see it at 1:02:00)
  • 3 questions you must answer before you start trading – if you don’t ask these questions you’ll never find out the answer till it’s too late(see it at 1:05:00)
  • Why keeping it simple works – Albert Einstein was right when he said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” (see it at 1:10:00)
  • 8 key rules to trading that are time tested – miss one and you’ll be sorry you did(see it at 1:22:00)
  • The problems with information management and why it’s critical to have a plan (see it below)

The Seminar Workbook

You’ll also receive the exact same 116 page printed manual that the seminar attendees received. Please note: this is not just a copy of the powerpoint slides, or the transcripts of the presentation, like you’ll get with many other trading courses.

Instead you’ll also receive a huge collection of Stuart McPhee’s top trading papers, articles and reports. There are 37 hand picked articles that cover many of the trading DVD topics in greater detail – I like to call them “A Lifetime of Lessons”.

Here’s a few of the article titles:

  • How Can You Measure Volatility and How Can You Use It?
  • How You Can be Sabotaging Your – and Not Even Know It!
  • If You Want to be Profitable, You Must Develop the Right Mindset
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Capital Preservation – An Absolute Must for Traders
  • Decision Making – Why It Is Vital for Trader
  • Probability – If You Don’t Understand It, It Will Cost You Money
  • Weight of Evidence
  • Search for the Holy Grail

… and there’s 28 more.

I believe this manual alone is worth your entire investment in this course!

Quick Start Letter

This is short and sweet. This is the first thing you should read when your Triple Your Profits course arrives. This guide is designed to ensure that you avoid the “deer in the headlights” stage.Yes, this course is big and meaty… but this quick start guide will give you a clear vision on how to move you through the course quickly and efficiently.

Bonus Data DiscLast but not least is the data disc… and there’s actually a few goodies on this CD.

#1 The entire workshop audios in mp3s format

Just copy them to your ipod or burn them to a CDs and let the material really sink in by listening to it over and over again. You’ll discover dozens of hidden gems that you may have missed watching the workshop on DVD…

#2 Preview & follow up mp3 Q&A sessions

In the lead up to the workshop Stuart and I took subscribers’ questions and answered them candidly with our mp3 interview sessions. You’ll have access to all these audios, in addition to the exclusive (unreleased) follow-up Q&A sessions.

There are over 5 hours of Q&A here, filled with loads of tips, tricks and trading tactics. Here’s a few of the questions we answered:

“Why do you teach instead of trading your own account and using the rest of your time for leisure?”

“What exactly does “reasonable profit targets” mean? If its reasonable to have a target of 5-10% per month in stocks, then is it not reasonable for it to be 50-100% in highly leveraged markets?”

“When do I exit a trade ? It seems fairly easy to get in a trade and find stocks that rise, but when should I get out before seeing my profits vanish ?”

“Isn’t everything we need to know shown in a chart (price bars/volume/trends/patterns) and aren’t all the other indicators just gimmicks?”

“Why are there so many trading methods out there, but so few work?”

And more…

Discovering the answers to these questions might just be the final piece in your trading puzzle.

One more thing to consider…

Before you get all excited, I must confess, this course isn’t for everyone. No offence, but if the following describes you, I won’t accept you into this program.

Are you looking for the Holy Grail of trading? That is, a“system” that will magically give you buy and sell levels that you can email or fax to your broker. If that’s what you’re after I hate to burst your bubble but those systems never work!

This isn’t Disneyland. The markets are full of wonderful opportunities… but only if you have designed a trading system to extract these profits. This course is for serious traders (or serious beginners) who know that it takes work and knowledge to succeed in the markets.

If you are willing to put forth the effort, then Triple Your Profits is the blueprint that you need to read the markets and profit from them.

You’re probably wondering what this course is going to cost?

When you consider Stuart’s coaching rate is $360 per hour and you’d need a minimum of 12 sessions to cover the same material, that’s $4044 worth of coaching right there. Moreover, mindful of the fact that many trading courses sell for up to $2000, you’d be forgiven thinking this package was going to be high priced.

The long and the short of it is, neither Stuart or I need your money – with our trading methods, we’re now set for life. We’re not looking to get rich selling this home study course – that said, it’s also a fact of life that unless someone exchanges value for an item they simply don’t appreciate its worth.

So here’s what we’ve decided. You can invest in this entire package for only $337AUD.
… and if that wasn’t enough. Here’s 3 more bonuses…

Bonus #1 - 3 follow-up Q&A sessions

If you are among the first 200 buyers, then you will be invited to attend 3 follow-up Q&A sessions. Sometimes you never know you had a question until someone else asks it for you… as part of our continuing support, we’ll be holding follow-up teleseminars to ensure every last question gets answered.You will have an opportunity to submit your questions and have Stuart answer them in a live recording.

Bonus #2 - 2 additional short presentations

During the Triple Your Profits workshop Stuart touched upon his favourite charting patterns and what he considers are the key reversal patterns.

Due to time constraints Stuart agreed to record 2 short bonus presentations on both topics for the workshop attendees. They’re yours free if you’re one of the first 350 traders to purchase.

Bonus #3 - David Jenyns’ System

Jimmy Cox has now kindly allowed me to include a copy of his Nicolas Darvas Home Study Course. This course details the precise entry and exit rules Nicolas Darvas used to make 2 million dollars in the stock market – it’s also the same method I use to trade the markets!

This course was only ever offered to 200 of my private clients. It sold for $97 and is an awesome bonus when you consider it’s not currently offered to the general public.

Please understand, this is a complete course in it’s own right, including:60+ page training manual
60+ minute video presentation
The Darvas Box Method Blueprints
Bonus Darvas Articles
Bonus Charting FormalaYours free when you purchase the Triple Your Profits DVDs.

The original workshop attendees saw the value but sometimes it’s hard for you to know for sure if this is ‘right for you’. It’s for this reason we always offer a no risk guarantee with all of our products…

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