Collect Premiums While Defining Your Risk 

Class Overview

Class Description: Learn how to find and manage for Monthly and Weekly income. Work side by side with as he shows you (1) when to put a Credit Spread on, (2) how to enter and exit a Credit Spread trade, and (3) how to adjust when the market goes against you. 

Class Format: This class is a collection of video recordings from the actual live class that was previously offered. Upon purchase, an email will be sent containing the login credentials needed to access the archived class page. Each class typically runs for four weeks with two classes each week. Some classes contain additional videos and sessions. Purchasing access to a class gives access to all class recordings as well as trade updates, PDFs, and PowerPoints. Any questions? Email us at [email protected] 

Class Specifics 

All classes are recorded and stored for your convenience 
You can ask questions directly to Dan from your class page 
Each live class is a minimum of 1 hour 
All fees for online classes are deductible towards our GOLD Mentoring Program ($1000 limit) Click Here 

Detailed Class Content 

Class #1: Credit Spread Fundamentals & Essentials with Dan 

0-1:49 Hello and Greeting 
1:50- Class page review 
4:40- Teaching: Overview of (Introduction) 
6:10- Looking ahead: Future Class dates and Speakers 
10:35- Teaching: Overview of Credit Spreads 
11:19- Teaching Overview: Define Credit Spreads 
15:31- Teaching Overview: Philosophy of Credit Spreads 
17:07- Teaching Overview: Greeks of Credit Spreads 
27:50- Teaching Overview: Is Risk/Reward good with Credit Spreads? 
33:17- Best to do credit spreads getting 1/3 of the width of the strikes as a Credit? 
35:- Which credit Spread is best when looking at Risk/Reward? 3 Criteria 
35:50- Assignment problems with favor OTM credit spreads? 
40:36- Teaching Overview: Probabilities (Dan illustrates a High Probability Credit Spread System for Today’s Market) 
49:30- Teaching Overview: Strike Selection of Credit Spreads 
56:55- Teaching Overview: Most important thing in this Class? Have to limit losers 
1:03- Teaching Overview: Best Duration for Credit Spreads 
1:04:10- Teaching Overview: What vehicles to trade? 
1:09:05- Q and A: Definition of High and Low VIX? 
1:09:40- Q and A: Two tweaks for a trading put credit spreads in today’s Market with price levels high in SPX and VIX low. 
1:13:24- Q and A: When I would exit a losing Credit Spread? 

Class #2: vs. Iron Condors and Risk Management for with Dan 

1- Intro and Class Outline Today 
3:20- Review of Class page and Annotation for each class 
5:50- What I will cover in Today’s Class? 
7:14- Speakers for the 2nd week 
8:07- Better to do or Iron Condors? 
27:20- How to get the best execution on Credit Spreads? 
31:36- When should I initiate my Credit Spread? 
37- or Iron Condors during Earnings? 
43:46- Technicals and Contrarian Opinions in structuring Credit Spreads? 
50:30- Key Risk Management for Credit Spreads: Profit and Loss Targets 
1:01:13- How to diversify price risk with and How to Scale Credit Spreads? 
1:05- Looking at Potential live call credit spread in SPX today and discussed execution and what price to sell the credit spread for. 
1:13- When and how I will cover the remaining Bullet Points in the Overview Outline for today I didn’t cover? 
1:14:50- Announcement of June Live Seminar in Chicago June 25-26. 

Class #3: Running a Credit Spread Business, with Veteran trader Tim Pierson 

Class#4: Credit Spread Adjustment Strategy, Simple or Complex? with Jay Bailey 

Class #5: Credit Spread Adjustments with Dan 

1- Intro 
1:25- Good vehicles for Credit Spreads? 
2:30- Strike Selection and spread width for Credit Spreads? 
5- Minimum Credit I want for Credit Spreads? 
5:38- Profit and Loss Targets for Credit Spreads? 
7:09- Adjustment Philosophy? Do Adjustments change Max loss targets? 
9:29- Most important things to know about credit spreads? 
11:27- Adjustments: Case Study using NFLX as an example 
18:13- 1st adjustment: for credit spreads: Roll up the Credit Spread 
22:57- 2nd Adjustment for credit spreads: Roll up the credit spread and increase the size a bit to get close to the original credit. 
25:25- 3rd adjustment for Credit Spreads: Use debit spreads to slowly adjust the credit spread into a Butterfly. 
30:05- 4th Adjustment for Credit Spreads: Using a debit spread to eventually morph the credit spread into a vertical 
on the upside if the stock keeps increasing. 
32:43- 5th Adjustment for Credit Spreads: Adjusting the credit 
spread into an Iron Condor. 
35:47- 6th Adjustment for Credit Spreads: Using Long to adjust 
38:03- 7th Adjustment for Credit Spreads: Narrow the width of your credit Spread 
39:17- 8th Adjustment for Credit Spreads: Reduce the credit Spreads 
40:27- Final Comments and questions 
48:31- End 

Class #6: Different indicators to look at when entering your short Put positions, with Dan and Paul White 

0- Dan and Paul White Jr, Veteran students in Sheridan Mentoring 
4- Example of Live Short Put Calendar trade in SPX Paul has on. Paul will discuss the indicators he looks at. 
1:02- End 

Class #7: Put and discussion on Insurance with Dan 

1- Intro and Outline: 
1) Example of Put Credit Spread and Adjustments 
2) Ratio Butterfly- Didn’t get through today 
3) Put using Insurance 
1:25- Discussed E-mail from Student regarding previous class with Paul White Jr. Dan walked through Put Credit Spread example to 
discuss adjustments like Paul White Jr. would have done. 
4:10- Walked through Put Credit Spread with Adjustments and Risk Management in SPX. 
59- Talking about insurance with Iron Condors by how I structure the Iron Condor and also by adding long puts. 
1:09:04- End 

Class #8: Ratio Butterflies with Dan 

0- Introduction and Outline: 
1) Ratio Fly (Credit Spreads with Insurance) 
2) My favorite adjustments for Credit Spreads? 
3) Insurance for at the beginning of the trade 
4:09- SPX Ratio Butterfly with full Risk Management Plan and adjustments. 
24:05- Dan’s favorite adjustments for Credit Spreads 
56- Insurance for at the beginning of a trade 
1:01:43- End

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