• 7 “Top Secret” requirements you NEED to have if you want to catapult your income to 7-figures.  (You’re not going to discover these in any “mainstream” book or course!)
  • The REAL business you need to be in—my friend the late Gary Halbert drilled this into me at one of his $7,000 seminars…which is $35,000 in today’s money…so you’ll get your money’s worth right here!
  • The secret of “dramatic demonstration” and how that can help you sell more of your product or service then ever possible (It’s something the advertising masters used ALL the time if you know your history!)
  • How to focus on “qualification” when it comes to choosing what client, customer or patient you want to work with (You absolutely HAVE to do this if you want to get in the 7-figure range—nothing else will do!)
  • The 5 keys to leveraging places and people in your quest to become a 7-figure earner. Quite simply, the game gets FASTER when you start banking extra zeros into your bank account!
  • The secret to leveraging brand and assets in your business so you can reach for higher heights of income…otherwise that “glass income ceiling” is going to keep you from doing anything!
  • Why it’s critical to become the “guru” in your industry when it comes to achieving more prestige, wealth, and POWER in your niche (most people shy away from this, but they’re stuck earning 6-figures and below as well…)

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