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Chalene Johnson – Marketing Impact Academy (2014)
Stop Hustling in Social Media & Grow a Lasting, Successful Business Online

Now more than ever, the concepts you will learn in Marketing Impact Academy are critical. With so many people in crisis mode, creating additional revenue streams has never been more necessary or important. This is the time for you to take action!


MIA is a paint-by-numbers program that walks you step by step through the process one 20 minute online lesson at a time. Marketing Impact Academy will help you grow your audience, create an impact with your message, get a money making idea out there, convert followers into customers and do so without spending money you don’t need to!


Stop watching other people have success, and start getting your message out there and helping the world with your own unique perspective. Whether you want to grow your existing business, start a new one, or simply reach more people, there’s no better time than now. Social media and the online space is experiencing a dramatic shift in favor of small business owners and entrepreneurs. I truly believe someday we will look back on this time in awe of the amazing opportunities we have today. You can do this! My team and I are beyond excited to welcome you as a Marketing Impact Academy student and serve you along the way - Chalene

Brand & Business Foundation

The strongest structures are built on solid foundations. In this Module, we fortify the foundation of your business, brand, message and purpose. Most people try to attract and please everyone, covering up what’s truly unique to them, which is often the most attractive thing. Before you create your product or craft the message you want to share, you need a clear understanding of your brand - who you are, what you’re about, who you want to work with & where to find them. Even if you're unclear on what your business really IS, here, you’ll figure that out!

Freemiums & Email Marketing

We’re doing it! We’re starting & growing your email list! Get excited because this is a critical step in the success of your business. You need a place to send your followers, so you can collect their email address & continue building the relationship on a platform YOU control. Social media changes daily & your account can be closed in an instant. Your email list is the backbone of your business. Let’s create awesome content you can give followers in exchange for their email.

Who Is The Marketing Impact Academy for?

Whether you want to grow an existing business, start a new one, or simply reach more people, MIA will help you:

  • Identify and Establish Your Unique Expertise 
  • Create Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Master Latest Changes in Social Media
  • Master Video & Live Streaming
  • Attract Your Ideal Customer
  • Grow A Profitable Email List
  • Increase Profits with Organic Traffic 
  • Build a Captivating Brand
  • Develop, Test & Release Your Own Products
  • Set the Foundation for a Solid, Ever-Evolving Business
  • Learn a Formula for Making Sales without "Selling"
  • Generate Testimonials That Sell Your Products For You
  • Maximize Your Social Media & Gain Quality Followers
  • Blueprint Your Online Business 

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