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– They solve a very specific problem
– They can back up that they know how to solve this problem
– They communicate this in a manner that compels action with their audience
– They have the right funnels and media behind them to get the word out

Long term – if you want to grow from initially making six figures in revenue from your online program to seven figures – another important point to add to the above is that they deliver on results – thereby building social proof and testimonials/brand ambassadors.

And of course, bridging all of this are the tactics of audience building & nurturing, content marketing, direct response messaging, the price points and actual offers, the platforms used, the media & funnels making it all spin, and – most importantly – a millionaire’s mindset!
What Rapid Fire will cover…

This is an EIGHT WEEK intensive, covering:

EXACT strategy I used to grow my FB Groups and how to build your own followers FAST
The 4 steps to launch – most people miss steps 1&3 here, which is the mistake I did at the beginning as well
How to choose the right structure, pricing and funnel for your program so that you have maximum chances of success
How to build a double tripwire self liquidating funnel that pays for all the ad spend so that your sales are pure profit
Behind the scenes access to my funnels and business and how I have structured things – from support crew through to pricing and the software tools used

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