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A powerful new way to navigate today's unprecedented market conditions

"' pioneering application of chaos theory to the financial markets is leading technical analysis into the twenty-first century and beyond. presents a complete, highly original, and intriguing trading method with clear, detailed illustrations, and challenging practice pages. Bill's wisdom, technical expertise, and skillful teaching style make this a revolutionary must-have new book for stock and commodity traders." -Tom Bierovic, Product Manager for User Education, Omega Research, Inc.

"Bill hits the nail on the head. The essence of successful trading is a combination of knowing who you are and allowing the market to reveal its secrets. has the gift of explaining these concepts better than anyone I know. This is a compelling work that belongs in every trader's library." -George Angell, author, Profitable Day-Trading with Precision

" is one of the great educators of our time. He freely shares his knowledge and experience in this inexpensive book. This book is required reading for all market technicians. The principles are sound as we have tested them with our software." -John Hill, President, Futures Truth, Co.

" has always been an excellent teacher, taking complex terms and concepts and translating them into a clear, commonsense approach to trading. This book provides a complete trading program that reflects Bill's years of wisdom and experience in the marketplace." -Darrell Jobman, Editorial Consultant and former Editor-in-Chief of Futures magazine

As today's market environment continues to change dramatically, more and more traders are discovering that traditional forecasting methods-pure technical analysis and fundamental analysis-just do not work. Sending out contradictory messages, these opposing schools of thought leave investors baffled about the future direction of the market, and consequently, at a loss as to how to tailor their trading systems. As a result, many practitioners have now turned to a new forecasting "cocktail" that combines traditional charting methodologies with chaos theory and human psychology. In this groundbreaking book, , a seasoned trader at the forefront of this dynamic new approach, explains exactly what it is, how it works in current stock and commodity markets, and how to use it to your advantage.

Based on human nature rather than the vagaries of the market, the new trading dimension works on the premise that we trade not the market, but our own belief system. By assessing what your personal biases are, you can determine how they influence your ultimate success-or failure-and then adjust your trading strategies accordingly.

Written by an expert in the field who has been featured in Futures, Worth, Success, and other prominent publications, takes the latest in scientific knowledge about human behavior and applies it directly to the fields of stock and commodity investing and trading. With straightforward guidelines, it shows you how to adopt the right attitude toward the behavior of the market and use the right tools (ATTITOOLS) for profitable trading. Packed with practice exercises, specific applications to different types of investments, and a detailed review of important market signals, here's where you'll learn how to: * Discover what the market wants and align your own beliefs with the direction of the market * Apply chaos theory to trading and investing * Use Williams' "Market Alligator" for analyzing and profiting from the markets * Employ a multidimensional trading program that includes such tools and techniques as fractals, oscillators, AC signals, psychological zones, and balance lines * Exit trades in a timely fashion to reap high returns

Drawing on the author's more than forty years of experience as both a successful trader and seasoned trainer, this invaluable guide offers a breakthrough method that has proven its ability to turn investors into consistent winners.

Table of Contents

  • Blasting Off.
  • From Chaos to Cosmos to Cash.
  • The Alligator.
  • The Fractal-The Breakaway Trade.
  • The Awesome Oscillator.
  • The Market Accelerator.
  • Trading in the Zones.
  • The Balance Line Trades.
  • Techniques for Taking Profits.
  • Tying It All Together.
  • How to Become a Master Trader.
  • Bibliography.
  • About the Author.
  • Index.

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