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Bill Poulos has been trading the markets since 1974. He’s a retired automotive executive who holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration, with a major in Finance. In his over 30 years of trading experience, Bill has developed dozens of trading systems and methods. In 2001, he formed Profits Run, Inc. to impart his trading experience and wisdom to others so they could shortcut their learning curve and ultimately potentially skyrocket their earnings in the markets. Bill now has thousands of students all around the world, from all walks of life, and at all experience levels. He prides himself on providing honest and realistic trading education, and is known for the continuous and ongoing support and follow-up he offers his students. His partner in Profits Run is his son, Greg, who is responsible for marketing and all technical support. In addition, Bill also has a full-time operations staff to ensure his trading education is delivered and supported in a high-quality and timely manner.

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