What you will learn in this training ?

How to

  • Immediately Achieve Larger Wins with Less Risk using a Small Trading Account
  • Quickly and Easily Identify the Right Stocks to Trade and the Tools Needed to Find Them
  • Properly Read a Chart and Identify the Best Point of Entry for Any Trade, Large or Small

Course Content

1.Nourished Basics:

You shall be going through in a well established basic content from a beginner perspective. Useful for amateur traders as well.

2.Extreme Candlesticks:

Here you shall be learning only the essential candlestick pattern along with advanced candlestick approach.

3.Extreme Trend Analysis:

You will be learning a different style of extreme trend analysis in this chapter far beyond the conventional method that is prevailing around.

4.Predict Future Trend & Candle:

In this chapter, will learn to predict how trend forms for next swing.

5.Extreme In Depth Analysis:

Consists of set of principles for defining the Structure, Trend, Candlesticks & Risk Management

6.EXCLUSIVE – Find Setups Today, Make Money Tomorrow:

Exclusive content to identify stocks to be traded , by analysis today evening.

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