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Get your first 10,000 and make your first $1,000 on Twitter

Want to learn our social media recipe that enables us to predictably & profitably make sales, without anxiety or fighting the algorithm?

Close consistent deals and unlock the power of the most slept on social network.


Growth Over 28 days


$46,945 Revenue Generated

A few months ago my account was dead.

My tweets got 0 likes. We generated no revenue from Twitter, and I was about to quit.

“Twitter is dead!”

But then my friend told me about Money Twitter, a group of people in the Agency Growth space that all help each other out. A twitter pod.

And then everything changed.

I rebuilt my profile, optimized our offer, got better at tweeting, and within 30 days, not only did I have over 16,000 followers, but we closed $15,000 in course sales!

Twitter has a LinkedIn quality audience with a TikTok style reach, and I want to show you how to make money from this platform.

Once I discovered what worked for our main “Alex Berman” brand - I had to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.

So I asked the community if anyone wanted to sacrifice their twitter account for an experiment - let me grow it for free, and at the end you can have it.

One guy stepped up, kpr1me.

His account had 60 and was made in 2009.

Typical dead account.

So I took it over, optimized it, repositioned it, followed this exact process, spent some money on ads, and within 48 hours:

1) We made our first 5 sales of a $100 course

2) We passed 10,000 followers

And these aren’t fake either. The account, ElSoftwareKing, is now growing all organically.

And once I discovered that was the most slept on social media channel, everything changed.

Our twitter account quickly scaled from just me trolling, to an entire network of personalities and accounts, making sales together.

The team and our students have used this to spread our message to tens of millions of people.

That’s why I made Twitter10k - to lay out step by step how to go from nothing on your twitter account, to making sales and gaining on autopilot.

Imagine waking up to an account filled with notifications, purchases of your course, and a lifestyle where you can work a couple hours a day, and hang with family or friends the rest of the time.

That’s what you get by growing and monetizing your account, and you’re only a few steps away from making that a reality.

So go ahead and join Twitter10k below. Learn the exact strategy, which we’ve successfully used on repeat, to realistically reach 10,000 and make your first $1,000 on Twitter.

I’ll talk to you soon,

-Alex Berman, 7 Figure Agency Owner and Professional Tweeter 


Create: Learn exactly how to setup a account that gets attention. No case studies? No problem.

Publish: Learn the same system we used to generate $46,945 in sales using Twitter.

Sell: Even if you have no writing experience, hate cheesy canned tweets & don't like gimmicky manipulation techniques.

​Scale: Learn how to leverage others to grow your business so you can focus on more important things like your family, video games, or whatever you want!

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