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Book meetings on autopilot and watch us generate $300,000 in sales, step by step

My LinkedIn account was in ruins.

Then I got on the phone with my longtime co-founder Robert Indies.

Me: “LinkedIn sucks, there’s no value here”

Robert: “You know we made over $300,000 on last year, right?”

While I was over here complaining, Robert was becoming a expert.

I knew we had to make a course.

Robert documented everything he did to make that $300k for his software development firm, the automation, the back and forths, the contracts, and the profiles.

And then everything changed.

Following the same system, I rebuilt my profile, created several posts, set up automation, left comments on posts and within 20 minutes, we booked a qualified meeting for our marketing firm!

  • That’s why I made LinkedInX - to lay out step by step how to go from nothing on your LinkedIn account to making sales and becoming a LinkedIn expert.
  • Imagine waking up to an account filled with notifications, meetings on your calendar, and a personal brand that builds itself on autopilot.
  • That’s what you get by growing and monetizing your account, and you’re only a few steps away from making that a reality.
  • So go ahead and join LinkedInX below. Learn the exact strategy, which we’ve successfully used on repeat, to generate over $300,000 on Linkedin.

-Alex Berman, 7 Figure Agency Owner


  • Create: Learn exactly how to set up a LinkedIn account that gets attention. No case studies? No problem
  • Publish: Learn the same system we used to generate over $300,000 in sales using LinkedIn.
  • ​Sell: Even if you have no writing experience, hate cheesy canned posts & don't like gimmicky manipulation techniques.
  • ​​Automate: Learn how to leverage tools to grow your account so you can focus on more important things like your family, video games, or whatever you want!

What's inside:

Module 1: The Perfect Profile

  • Watch us build a profile for a digital agency and a marketing firm
  • Create the perfect banner, profile picture, and company descriptions

Module 2: Automation

  • Setup up tools to automate your lead generation and book meetings automatically
  • Watch us go back and forth and close $300,000 in deals: messages to emails to contracts. All in here.

Module 3: Easy Content Creation

  • How to engage on LinkedIn, what posts to like, and how to engage correctly
  • The 5 content types that do well on LinkedIn

Module 4: Outsource and Scale

  • 200-page process document (SOP) that you can use to outsource your LinkedIn
  • Generate leads on autopilot so you never need to login to LinkedIn again

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