A of Very Best and books. 

Many books are recent with some classics. 
These books will help you with your understanding in economics and trading immensely.

Areas of topic include: Economic Indicator, Algorithmic Trading, Options, Stocks, Bonds, Psychology, Precious Metal Investing, Quantitative Trading, Currency Trading, etc 

Most books are in format.

Take a look at the list:

$25K Trading Challenge  The fastest way to grow $2,500 into $25,000 in a year using Trading and Technical Analysis.pdf
A Man for All Markets - Edward O. Thorp.pdf
A Traders Money Management System How to Ensure Profit and Avoid the Risk of Ruin.pdf
Acharya - Guaranteed to Fail; Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Debacle of Mortgage Finance (2011).pdf
Adam Grimes - The Art and Science of - Course Workbook.pdf
Adam Smith - An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.pdf
Alex Preda - Noise.pdf
Anna Couling - A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis.pdf
Anna couling - A Three Dimentional Approach to Forex Trading.pdf
Anna Couling - Forex For Beginners.pdf
Anna Coulling - Volume Price Analysis.pdf
Ari Kiev - The Mental Strategies of Top Traders.pdf
Brett N. Steenbarger - The Daily Coach.pdf
Brett N. Steenbarger - The Psychology of Trading.pdf
Brett N. Steenbarger - Psychology 2.0.pdf
Brian Johnson - Exploiting Earnings Volatility.epub
Brian Johnson - Option Strategy.pdf
Charles B. Carlson - The Little Book of Big Dividends.pdf
Charting Made Easy by John J. Murphy.pdf
Danielle DiMartino Booth - Fed Up.pdf
Deborah Owen, Robin Griffiths - Mapping the Market.pdf
Dunnan - Recession Proof Your Financial Life (2009).pdf
Economics Terms - Financial Education Is Your Best Investment (Financial IQ Series Book 7).pdf
Entry and Exit Confessions of a Champion Trader.pdf
Ernie Chan - Quantitative Trading.pdf
Frans de Weert - An Introduction to Trading.pdf
Fuchita (Eds.) - Growing Old; Paying for and Institutional Money Management after the Financial Crisis (2011).pdf
Fundamentals of Futures and Options.pdf
George A. Fontanills - The Course.pdf
Gregory Morris - Candlestick Charting Explained.pdf
Hedge Fund Secrets An Introduction to Quantitative Portfolio Management by Philip J. Romero Tucker Balch.pdf
High Performance 35 Practical Strategies and Techniques To Enhance Your Psychology and Performance by Steve Ward.pdf
How To Backtest a Strategy Using Excel.pdf
How to Calculate 21 Popular Indicators Using Excel  Become a Better Trader by Learning How to Program Your Favorite Indicators.pdf
How to Code, Backtest, and Trade the Opening Gaps in the Futures Markets  NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, and Tradestation Automated Algorithmic Trading.pdf
How To Swing Trade - A Beginner’s Guide to Tools, Money Management, Rules, Routines and Strategies of a Swing Trader.pdf
Ian Jacques - Mathematics for and Business.pdf
Investing from the top down A macro approach to captial markets by Anthony Crescenzi.pdf
Irrational Exuberance - Shiller, Robert.pdf
Jack D. Schwager -Unknown Market Wizard.pdf
Jack Schwager -  Market Wizards Interviews with America's Top Traders.pdf
Jack Schwager & Mark Etzkorn - A Complete Guide The Futures Market.pdf
Jack Schwagers - Guide to Winning with Automated Systems.pdf
James Rickards - Currency Wars.pdf
James Rickards - The Death of Money.pdf
Jared Levy, Mark Douglas - Your Handbook.pdf
Jason Alan Jankovsky - Rules that Work.pdf
Jeffrey A. Hirsch & Christopher Mistal - Trader's Almanac 2021.pdf
Jesse Livermore - How to Trade In Stocks.pdf
Jesse Livermore - Reminiscences of a Operator.pdf
Jesse Livermore - Worlds Greatest Trader - Smitten 2001.pdf
John Bollinger - Bollinger on Bollinger Bands.pdf
John Calverley - When Bubbles Burst; Surviving the Financial Fallout (2009).pdf
Ken Fisher, Lara Hoffmans - How to Smell a Rat.pdf
Kevin Davey - Introduction To Algo Trading  How Retail Traders Can Successfully Compete With Professional Traders.pdf
Louis Navellier - The Little Book That Makes You Rich.pdf
Macroeconomics for Professionals A Guide for Analysts and Those Who Need to Understand Them by Leslie Lipschitz Susan Schadler.pdf
Mark Sebastian - Options for Edge.pdf
Matthew McCall, Mark Whistler - The Swing Traders.pdf
Michael C. Khouw, Mark W. Guthner - The Edge.pdf
Michael Sincere - All About Market Indicators.pdf
Michael Sincere - Understanding Options.epub
Michael Sincere - Understanding Stocks.pdf
Nicolas Darvas - How I Made $2,000,000 in the Market.pdf
Nicolas Schmidlin - The Art of Company Valuation.pdf
Option Strategies for Earnings Announcements  A Comprehensive, Empirical Analysis.pdf
Options For Beginners  An Easy Guide to Make Money by Applying Powerful Strategies to Earn a Permanent Income.pdf
Perry J. Kaufman - Systems and Methods.pdf
Peter L. Brandt - Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader Lessons from 21 Weeks of Real Trading.pdf
Ray Dalio - Big Debt Crises.pdf
Resource Market Millionaire.pdf
Richard Yamarone - The Economic Indicator Handbook.pdf
Rishi K. Narang - Inside the Black Box.pdf
Robert Edwards, John Magee - Technical Analysis of Trends, 9th Ed.pdf
Robert W. Colby - The Encyclopedia Of Technical Market Indicators.pdf
Sheldon Natenberg - Option Volatility & Pricing Work Book .pdf
Sheldon Natenberg - Option Volatility and Pricing.pdf
Start Day Now  A Quick and Easy Introduction to Making Money While Managing Your Risk.pdf
Stock For Everyone  How You Can Beat Wall Street At Their Own Game.pdf
Swing trading for beginners , Swing trading strategies.pdf
Swing Option.pdf
The Bond Book, Third Edition Everything Investors Need to Know About Treasuries, Municipals, GNMAs, Corporates, Zeros, Bond Funds, Money Market Funds, and More by Annette Thau.pdf
The Causal Relationship between the SP 500 and the VIX Index Critical Analysis of Financial Market Volatility and Its Predictability by Florian Auinger.pdf
The Coming Bond Market Collapse - Michael G. Pento.pdf
The Complete Guide to Market Breadth Indicators  How to Analyze and Evaluate Market Direction and Strength_nodrm.pdf
The Creature from Jekyll Island a Second Look at the Federal Reserve by Griffin, G. Edward.pdf
The Dollar Crisis Causes, Consequences, Cures by Richard Duncan.pdf
The Economist - Guide to Economic Indicators.pdf
The Escape from Balance Sheet Recession and the QE Trap A Hazardous Road for the World Economy by Richard C. Koo.pdf
The Holy Grail of Macroeconomics Lessons from Japan’s Great Recession by Richard C. Koo.pdf
The House of Morgan  An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance.pdf
The New Option Secret - Volatility  The Weapon of the Professional Trader and the Most Important Indicator in Option Trading.pdf
The Silver Bomb.pdf
The Trader's Guide to Key Economic Indicators.pdf
Thomas N. Bulkowski - Chart Patterns After the Buy.pdf
Trading Commodity Futures with Classical Chart Patterns by Peter L. Brandt, Bruce Babcock Jr..pdf
Trading Evolved  Anyone can Build Killer Strategies in Python.pdf
Trading on Corporate Earnings News  Profiting from Targeted, Short-Term Positions.pdf
Trading VIX Derivatives_ Tradin - Russell Rhoads.pdf
William D.Cohan - Money and Power; How Goldman Sach Came to Rule the World.pdf

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