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NY 1 – Raj Malhotra: Pricing Options Like a Market Maker

Video length: 43 Minutes

As an Options Trader, Raj Malhotra has had one of the most successful careers on Wall Street in recent history. Raj became the head of Index Options and head of Institutional Options at Bank of America and was also promoted to Managing Director before the age of 30.

In this Seminar, Raj helps Retail Traders to understand both the motivations of Options Market Makers and why and how they price Volatility and Options in the way they do.

Understanding this is of crucial importance to any investor or trader. This is because when looking to express Trade Ideas or Positions using Options.

  • Firstly they need to know if the Options prices and therefore the price of Volatility are a fair and accurate reflection of reality. By knowing this, they are less likely to get “ripped off” by an Options Market Maker.
  • Secondly, understanding how Options Market Makers operate and price Volatility and Options helps investors and traders get an edge over the Market Markers (Brokerage Platforms) by realising when mispricings of Options occur so they can take advantage of them.

This seminar is especially useful for Retail Traders in both the U.S. and Canada where Retail Brokerage platforms are most frequently used to express Trade Ideas and Positions using Options. 80% of Retail Traders lose money on these platforms because they do not understand how to Price Options Like a Market Maker. Until NOW!

NY 2 – Christopher Quill: How To Calculate Realized & Implied Volatility and Why it’s Important

Video length: 40 Minutes

After being part of the team at Ruffer Asset Management in London that generated the number one Japanese Equity Fund Returns Globally, Christopher Quill joined the Institute as head of Statistics and Research.

Known by his colleagues and Traders at the Institute as “Mr Excel,” Chris’ expertise lies in managing Big Data and building then breaking down complex Statistical Models and Spreadsheets that simplify processes so that anyone can understand and use his resources.

In this Seminar Chris complements the presentation of Raj Malhotra (Pricing Options Like a Market Maker) by going into the detail of how to mechanically calculate Volatility for yourself using the downloadable Spreadsheet and PDF guide that accompanies his Seminar.
When looking to express Trade Ideas or Positions using Options.

  • Firstly investors and traders need to know if the Options prices they receive on Brokerage Platforms and therefore the price of Volatility are a fair and accurate reflection of reality. By knowing this, they are less likely to get “ripped off” by an Options Market Maker.
  • Secondly, understanding how to price Options for themselves and therefore price Volatility helps investors and traders get an edge over the Market Markers (Brokerage Platforms) by realising when mispricing’s of Options occur so they can take advantage of them.

NY 3 – Gregoire Dupont: Day Trading in Equities and FOREX – Viability Assessment

Video length: 32 Minutes

Gregoire has enjoyed a successful 15-year career as a Professional Trader starting as a cash equity trader and then as a fund manager for Pierre Charon Gestion and Day Trade Asset Management in Paris. In 2004, he joined Griffin Capital Management in London as a European Fund Manager for their long only fund and later on their long/short fund.

At its peak, the Griffin Western European Team was managing more than $500mln with Gregoire focusing on a multi-disciplinary systematic approach including fundamentals, technicals, price action trading and correlation hedging.

For the last six years, Gregoire has been a Proprietary Trader in London at Infinity Capital Markets with a multi-strategy mandate.

In this Video Gregoire teaches Retail Trader students of the Institute how to prepare and execute a proper trading plan. Literally thousands of books have been written about trading plans. However Gregoire believes that the vast majority of these books totally miss the point of a trading plan and are not actually viable and executable in the real world. Flexibility in your trading plan is key and Gregoire shows you what you should be focusing on to achieve this.

NY 4 – Dr. Christopher Cathey: How to Trade Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s)

Video length: 24 Minutes

Dr Christopher Cathey enjoyed a successful 15-year career as a Professional Trader. After completing a first-class degree in Natural Sciences and obtaining his PhD in Chemistry from Fitzwilliam College Cambridge, Chris was hired by Goldman Sachs.

Chris worked for Goldman Sachs as an Equities Trader in Frankfurt, New York and London between 1993 and 2006. He then worked as a proprietary trader at Merrill Lynch Strategic Investments Group between 2006 and 2008.

During his Career Chris was the largest Market Maker and Proprietary Trader of NASDAQ listed Stocks for Goldman Sachs in New York.
Subsequently Chris was instrumental in the Initial Public offerings of multiple tech companies during the most volatile period in Financial Markets since The Wall Street Crash of the 1920’s i.e. the Tech boom and bust.As an expert in IPO’s in this Seminar, Chris shows Institute students how to effectively appraise opportunities and risk and in IPO’s and how to go about trading them.

NY 5 – Hichem Djouhri: Optimal Overwriting Strategies for Hedging 401K & IRA Portfolios

Video length: 14 Minutes

Hichem Djouhri is the leading Fund Manager in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) Region, based at SHUAA Asset Management in Dubai. Hichem’s day-to-day role at SHUAA Asset Management involves running the portfolio and fund management team with over $450 million in Assets Under Management (AUM) and managing for SHUAA both the Arab Gateway Fund (+210% since inception) and the Emirates Gateway Fund (+415% since inception). His consistent outperformance of all benchmarks has won his team at SHUAA several awards as Best UAE Asset Manager, Best UAE Equity Fund (every year since 2010) and Best Regional Asset Manager in 2014.

Due to his performance, and aged just 30 years old, Hichem is widely-recognised in the industry as one of the most talented young Fund Managers worldwide.

In this seminar Hichem reveals one of the secrets to his success: how he aggressively hedges portfolios using Options Overwriting Strategies and generates large excess returns from the extra income these strategies provide.

This seminar is especially useful for Retail Traders that have Long Only Portfolios i.e. in most cases Pensions. In the United States 401K and IRA Portfolios are Long Only. International investors and traders with Long Only Portfolios will also find this seminar incredibly useful because Long Only Pension Fund Managers globally are generally not able to hedge their client’s portfolios using Options overwriting strategies due to their mandates. By understanding and applying these strategies themselves, Retail Traders can over a period of time hedge their Long Only Portfolios and Pensions and can add significant value to their overall returns and wealth. It is of vital importance that individuals know how to do this properly.

In this seminar, Hichem displays how individuals can replicate these strategies responsibly.

NY 6 – Jason McDonald: Why Shorts are Hard to Find and How You Can Find Great Shorts

Video length: 45 Minutes

In this seminar, former Hedge Fund Manager and Professional Proprietary trader, Jason McDonald, attacks one of the most common challenges that all investors and traders – whether they be Retail or Professional – consistently have with their portfolios i.e. How to find GREAT shorts. In a GDP growth environment, the earnings of companies receive a Macroeconomic tailwind and therefore most publicly traded companies have positive earnings (make money). This is one of the reasons why at any one particular time it is always difficult to find GREAT shorts and therefore hedge out portfolio risk and / or make an absolute return by shorting stocks. Process also plays an important role in finding GREAT shorts. Retail Traders typically do not understand the processes required to scan tens of thousands of stocks for potential Short opportunities in a systematic manner.

NY 7 – Tristan Edwards: Matching Personality to Process

Video length: 19 Minutes

During a successful career as a Professional Trader / Hedge Fund Manager, Tristan Edwards worked for Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM), Brevan Howard and Trafalgar Capital before setting up his own Hedge Fund and running it out of Singapore in 2013. Tristan was the only Hedge Fund Manager in Asia to raise over $100mln from investors in 2013 for his fund.

In this seminar, Tristan presents on the topic that he is most passionate about i.e. Matching Personality to Process. There are multiple ways of making money in Financial Markets over multiple time horizons and multiple strategies. Many investors and traders even at the professional level never genuinely find their niche within financial markets i.e. what they enjoy and what they are good at in terms of process and in terms of optimising their abilities for maximum returns and wealth. Tristan has experienced this first hand by experiencing all types of strategies and time horizons during his career, before finding his niche as one of the world’s most successful Long / Short Portfolio managers globally. Tristan was one of the only managers globally in the 2008-2009 financial crisis that achieved consecutive double digit returns percentage returns in both years – a feat achieved by only 1% of Hedge Fund Managers globally.

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