ITPM - Super Conference (Institute of and Portfolio Management 1-6)

1. Anton Kreil: “What Sets Apart the Best and the Worst Retail Traders?”

In this Video, Anton Kreil, Managing Partner of the Institute of and Portfolio Management takes you behind the wall at the Institute showing you the actual statistics and behavioral traits of the Best and the Worst Retail Traders at the Institute. By showing you the traits and characteristics of both good (profitable) and bad (losing) traders, Anton draws a common thread of behavioral patterns that Retail Traders display when they are both making and losing money so you can learn to see these behaviors in yourself. This is so you can avoid bad (losing) habits and focus on attaining good (profitable) habits, in order to gain consistent profitability with limited downside and maximum upside in your trading accounts over time.

Anton no longer provides Mentoring Programs and is officially retired from completing Mentoring Programs directly with Institute Students. Anton manages all Mentoring Programs as an oversight function, taken with Institute Senior Mentors from the back end of the Institutes Infrastructure.

2. Jason McDonald: “Best and Worst Career Trades and What You Can Learn From Them”

In this Video, Senior Mentor / former Hedge Fund Manager and Investment Bank Prop’ Trader Jason McDonald, takes you through some of his best and worst career trades as Case Studies. By doing so, Jason summarizes how you can avoid similar mistakes when losing money and how to plan and execute highly profitable trades by making the right calls and decisions. By knowing how to limit your losses and recognize when you are about to lose money, you can vastly improve your trading. Additionally, by knowing how to expose yourself to good trades, how to structure them and how to behave when making money you’re trading will also vastly improve.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from Jason’s Real Life Case Studies. Jason has been one of the most profitable Traders / Hedge Fund Managers in the financial markets globally in the last 20 years.

3. Tristan Edwards: “How To Set Up A Hedge Fund”

In this Video Hedge Fund Manager Tristan Edwards literally shows you how to set up a Hedge Fund Structure i.e. what actually needs to be in place to set one up and how a Hedge Fund is run. In the modern world of Internet Marketing scam Educators the term “Hedge Fund Manager” is overly used by Retail grade “instructors” who call themselves “Hedge Fund Managers” in an attempt to deceive the public into believing they are Professional Traders. Tristan Edwards is the real deal. Tristan worked for Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM), Brevan Howard and Trafalgar Capital before setting up his own Hedge Fund and running it out of Singapore in 2013. Tristan was the only Hedge Fund Manager in Asia to raise over $100mln from investors in 2013 for his fund.

If you want to know how to set up and run a real Hedge Fund you should only listen to real Hedge Fund Managers. If you want a career working for a Hedge Fund this is essential information to know and will set you apart from other candidates at the interview stage. If you aspire to one day set up your own Hedge Fund, you literally can not set one up without knowing this information.

4. Chris Cathey: “How To Ace Investment Bank and Hedge Fund Interviews”

Dr Christopher Cathey enjoyed a successful 15-year career as a Professional Trader. After completing a first-class degree in Natural Sciences and obtaining his PhD in Chemistry fromFitzwilliam College Cambridge, Chris was hired by Goldman Sachs. Chris worked for Goldman Sachs as an Equities Trader inFrankfurt, New York and London between 1993 and 2006. He then worked as a proprietary trader at Merrill Lynch Strategic Investments Group between 2006 and 2008, before retiring. Chris has interviewed hundreds of Graduates in his career and knows exactly what is required to ace your interviews at both Investment Banks and Hedge Funds. Incidentally, Dr Chris was instrumental in hiring Institute Managing Partner Anton Kreil when Anton interviewed at Goldman Sachs in 1999. Any graduate or persons with ambition to join an Investment Bank or a Hedge Fund as as Trader can learn from this video and get an edge in the application and interview process.

5. Raj Malhotra – “Marginal Benefits of Directional Options Trading”

As an Options Trader Raj Malhotra has had one of the most successful careers on Wall Street in recent history. Raj became the head of Index Options and head of Institutional Options at Bank of America and was also promoted to Managing Director before the age of 30. In this Video Raj debunks many of the myths about Options and simplifies directional strategies for the viewer into easy to understand bite size pieces.

Additionally Raj displays the marginal differences between choosing when to use Options over positioning in Stock when deploying trading ideas in the Stock Market. This is of vital importance to Retail Traders in today’s markets, in which Options are often marketed as a panacea “Only Choice” product to obtain leverage. In short, Options are often oversold as the solution to maximizing returns on a trade when in most cases this is just not true.

Retail Traders that trade options and / or are seeking to learn how to trade options will learn a lot from Raj in this video and can become more efficient in their trading by implementing Raj’s philosophies and teachings.

6. Gregoire Dupont – “The Most Crucial Parts of a Plan”

Gregoire has enjoyed a successful 15-year career as a Professional Trader starting as a cash equity trader and then as a fund manager for Pierre Charon Gestion and Day Trade Asset Management in Paris. In 2004, he joined Griffin Capital Management in as a European Fund Manager for their long only fund and later on their long/short fund.

At its peak, the Griffin Western European Team was managing more than $500mln with Gregoire focusing on a multi-disciplinary systematic approach including fundamentals, technicals, price action trading and correlation hedging. For the last six years, Gregoire has been a Proprietary Trader in at Infinity Capital Markets with a multi-strategy mandate.

In this Video Gregoire teaches Retail Trader students of the Institute how to prepare and execute a proper trading plan. Literally thousands of books have been written about trading plans. However Gregoire believes that the vast majority of these books totally miss the point of a trading plan and are not actually viable and executable in the real world. Flexibility in your trading plan is key and Gregoire shows you what you should be focusing on to achieve this.

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