Brian Slenka – TURBO Series from WITS (WheelInTheSky)


WITS has grown to have hundreds of members, about 30,000 posts and a huge library.  
Individuals just finding the site, or who are relatively new, face a growing problem of exactly where to start.  This series is designed to quickly and inexpensively teach you the elements that have led others to success.  This is done in steps. Each step stands on its own.  The series is important because it shows you where important posts are in WITS and how to handle those posts.  
It tells you which books to read first to get up to speed quickly.  

The CD's are packed with vital information and once a "base" is obtained you can quickly go off on your own.  The CD's will save you TIME and allow you to get the most out of WITS.  The CD's are audio, so you can play them in your car stereo or at the office. 


The CD's contain: 

+ History of WITS. 
+ Great information and how to harvest it. How to focus quickly. 
+ Making the best of the Library, where to start. 
+ What to specifically study that has led others to success? 
+ The Gann Squares. 
+ W.D. Gann audited trading records. 

This level is 2 CD's with a total combined running time of approx. 1 HR 46 MIN. Requires absolutely no background.  Free Shipping. Cost is 46.00 USD. 


The "Level 2" CD contains the following: 

+ Cycles in Stocks and Commodities 
+ True Intraday Path (This is the exact information shared privately with an attendee of the Cancun Seminar.) 
+ Overview and Study Direction of W.D. Ganns' Books. 
+ Importance of the 3 Authors (Gann, Jensen, and Bayer.) 

This level is 1 CD with a total running time of approx—1 HR 2 MIN.  
It contains explicit directions on forecasting methods and techniques.  
Over the years certain high-quality information has been posted and forgotten on the site, in the Turbo tradition, this CD brings those valuable posts back to life.  
Free Shipping. The cost is 46.00 USD.  


Turbo 3 decodes The books of George Bayer.  This work directly takes the listener through the important parts of Bayer pointing out where and how he is lying to you.  Directs the listener through pitfalls that have readers "stumped."  The work illuminates the methods that both Gann / Bayer wrote about with the similarities and differences found in their writings.  This work is cohesive, concise and direct.  Whether you like Bayer's writings or were always wondering what was really going on in them, this CD is for you.  Run Time 1 Hour 4 minutes. Cost is 46.00 USD. 


With a foreword by long-term WITS member "The Magus", this CD takes the listener through the work of Luther Jensen while simultaneously showing the connections between Jensen, Gann, and Bayer.  This CD is extremely high-grade content, pointing the way to serious trading systems. Run Time is 1 Hr. 4 Min. Cost is 46.00 USD. 

Turbo V 

A mp3 created by one of the founders of the group discusses one of the most important elements of Gann’s methods, time cycles.  This is part of a series of audio files & is FREE. 


TURBO series helps set paths to Cycle Hunting using either Gann/Bayer/Jense systems 

TURBO1 - Setting perspectives/base to hunt for Cycles 
TURBO2 - Discusses Gann 
TURBO3 - Discusses Bayer 
TURBO4 - Discusses Jensen 
TURBO5 - Use Jensen system to hunt for Cycles

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