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Wyckoff in Modern Market II

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Traders have been asking Dr. Gary to present the second half of Richard Wyckoff’s case study after his 3-hour tour de force of Wyckoff in the Modern Markets Part 1 (link). As in Part 1, Dr. Gary will dive into Wyckoff’s original case study of the 1930-31 stock market. He’ll show how the Wyckoff study remains one of the very best study guides to reading the market’s next move. Further, Dr. Gary details Wyckoff’s sequence of events from the start of a bear market to its final climax. If you have ever been unsure about a market drop, held on too long during the 2007-2009 bear market, or have been scared out of a perfectly good short position, this webinar is for you.Richard Wyckoff wrote a case study of the 1930-31 market that was exceptional in conveying to students how to read the market by its own action, bar-by-bar. Studying and assimilating the concepts and market principles described in this case study can have a profound impact on trader’s understanding of market action. In this webinar, Dr. Gary will review the second half of Wyckoff’s case study which details all the elements of a down trending and liquidating market – right from its earliest beginnings.

One of the legacies that Wyckoff left his students was a sequencing of how the market moves; including seeing the telltale signs of a significant market downdraft before it begins and while it persists. In this webinar, we will discuss the sequence of market events that occur in virtually every important down trend. If you have ever wondered, “Should I get out?” or “Can I short sell the market here?” then this webinar could be of significant help to you. You will come away from the webinar with a clear understanding of downtrends trends, the progression they go through and how to identify each link in the chain, from soup to nuts.

In this webinar recording, we cover:

  • Selling Climax
  • Secondary Tests
  • How to tell a bottom without climactic action
  • Identifying the differences between stopping volume and climactic action
  • Jump Across the Creek
  • How to tell when a corrective reaction is about to take place
  • Understanding the characteristics of a corrective pullback so you are not scared out of a perfectly sound long position
  • Identifying when a corrective wave is likely to be over
  • Understanding the characteristics of a bullish advance
  • Understanding the little-known concept of Absorption, including atypical variants
  • Elements of a Buying Climax

Not only will we review Wyckoff’s 1930-31 market, but we will also review examples from current markets of each of the principles Wyckoff revealed for us. At each chain in the progression, we will review clear examples of how what Wyckoff first discussed almost 80 years ago remain as alive and vital indications in modern markets. Wyckoff really captured human behavior in the form of market action as reflected in the charts. Human behavior is evolutionary – it has not changed since Wyckoff’s time and will not change into the future. We will see this clearly in charts from the current markets.

After we complete Wyckoff’s case study and show how it continues to occur in current markets, Dr. Gary will show you how Wyckoff’s principles and concepts can be applied into a practical trading method for both intraday and intermediate (swings of 2-10 days) trading with an emphasis to the short side. We will detail the specific things you can look for and where trades can be initiated.

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