New Market Timing Techniques

Thomas Demark By Micha on Dec 11, 2018

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Thomas Demark – New Market Timing Techniques

From the world’s foremost authority on chart analysis– a practical new treatise on mastering powerful trading tools and systems

In the sequel to his best-selling book, The New Science of Technical Analysis, Tom DeMark refines the most popular and precise of his indicators with exacting new attention to real-time trading applications. For the first time, DeMark shares his powerful new indicator, TD Combo, which when combined with the highly popular Sequential Combination is a powerful new tool for understanding market rhythm and calculating price points.

THOMAS DeMARK (Phoenix, Arizona) and his technical indicators have been a major force at some of the largest and most successful trading operations in the world, including his own firm, Devan Capital.

Table of Contents

  • Oscillators.
  • TD Sequential(TM).
  • TD Combo(TM).
  • TD Lines(TM).
  • TD Retracements.
  • Price Breakouts.
  • TD Moving Averages.
  • Market Timing and Market Systems Development.
  • TD Triangulation(TM) and TD Propulsion(TM).
  • Additional Indicators and Ideas for System Development.
  • Methods to Calculate Price Objectives.
  • Market Myths and Misconceptions.
  • Money Management.
  • Conclusion.
  • Appendix.
  • Index.

Author Information

THOMAS R. DeMARK is currently President of Market Studies, Inc., a provider of market timing indicators to various securities’ data vendor networks, and President of Markets Advisory, Inc., a consultant to large financial institutions. Mr. DeMark was executive vice president of Tudor, a large investment fund; CPO partner with Van Hosington, a multibillion dollar bond fund manager; special advisor to Leon Cooperman, a three billion dollar hedge fund manager, and other large financial institutions and hedge funds. He was also president of a large financial consulting business, as well as a money manager for a multibillion dollar pension and profit-sharing fund. Mr. DeMark was also chairman of Logical Information Machines, Inc., an institutional software provider. His first book, The New Science of Technical Analysis, was highly praised by his peers. He regularly contributes articles on his trading research techniques to various financial publications. He and his trading methods have been the subject of numerous television, radio, magazine, and newsletter interviews, and he appears regularly at investment seminars throughout the world.

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