Your Stars And Destiny

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Sacredscience - Paul Councel - Your Stars and Destiny

Black Suede Hardcover with Gilt Lettering!
Exact Facsimile Reprint of Original Edition
Published: 1940.

One of the rarest of rare books on the Gann List, and very important, this is the first copy ever found. Ultimate destiny discovered by the conjunction of the great stars of the Zodiac with the planets and angles, and the intensities of the personality described by their constellation and house positions. The need of a synthesizing principle in astrology occurred tome several years ago... It was the fixed stars that revealed the intensities of life... 

Further study yielded two important conclusions:

(1) The zodiacal circle or frame of the chart was the moulder of personality, with its intensities revealed by the house positions of the great stars.
(2) The planetary pattern within the chart frame was the shaping of force of the conduct of personality, its dominant energies - hence its character. 

And these were to be identified in the planets having the greatest fixed star amplification. Salvation is in the mastery of the import of equinoctial precession, the power of which will integrate the Western World and synthesize its policies to serve its great destiny." Contents: Cheops, The Ancient Cornerstone; Precession of the Equinoxes; Terrestrial Longitude of Vernal Equinox; The Properties of Time (Great stuff, check this out: The first approach to the study of Time is the recognition that every moment of it is a Form-Interval.

This hyphenate obviously implies the same coordination of Space (form) with Time (interval). Ho form or space-content exists except for the duration of an interval of time, and every manifest form is nothing but the precipitation or crystallization of the properties of time for the interval of its duration. The properties of time must therefore be the infinitely mutating essences of sidereal vibration composing the sub-atmosphere stuff that we speak of as the ether or ambient. It is the medium that carries the radio wave.

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