How To Be A Sector Investor

Larry Hungerford By Taliaferro on Nov 3, 2018

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From health care to technology, sector investing is hot. This quick, complete guide will help investors assemble and maintain a profitable sector portfolio. It explains what sector stocks are, how to find undiscovered values in sectors and sector stocks, and proven strategies used by professional investors. Sample portfolios show profitable sector investing in action, and experts reveal secrets and top stock choices designed to help sector investors beat the overall markets.

From the Back Cover

Sector Stocks: What they are, how they can help build wealth, and which are best for building a high-growth, low-risk portfolio. Sector stocks and mutual funds focused on individual industries or areas routinely make front page news by doubling or even quadrupling the terms of the overall stock market. But how can investors know which sectors are primed to get hot? How can they get in before prices begin to soar? How to Be a Sector Investor gives you a well organized, in-depth look into the sector investing arena, along with valuable tips on where the experts are putting their own money. Learn how easy it is to build a high-performance portfolio in technology, real estate, emerging markets, and more as you’re introduced to: Pathways for Do-It-Yourself Sector Investing–from no-load mutual funds to commission-free stock plans, plus commonsense tips to cut costs as you build wealth; examples of sector portfolios that are custom-tailored to fit your risk/return profile as they focus on areas that could enhance your overall returns; interviews with expert sector investors and top-rated mutual fund managers–revealing their secrets and their predictions for each sector’s growth prospects.

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